Anybody looking for a good time waster?

I kind of got hooked on these a few months ago. Every once in a while I spend a few hours on these things. What's funny, is that I wouldn't touch a real gigsaw puzzle.

K, can I have my life back now.

Very very very cool. I love it, and I did the peacock in 18 minutes. I think that's really slow, but for my first one... not bad at all.

Thanks Juan buddy...
Eighteen minutes is better than me.:P

I was driven to knock them down to twenty pieces. At twenty pieces I can finish most in below average time. But did you look at the best times? Somebody who obviously doesn't have enough useful things to do, does these puzzles in 14 seconds. I can't find the corners in 14 seconds.
If I get started on them I will officially go through life with no sleep.
oh, yeah, really time waster.

But, it's good to do this instead of doing th something useful.

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