I never did like Louisiana anyways, being a Texas A&M grad but I'm happy to see some of my prejudices against that state are justified.

A year later,the levees are still shit, New Orleans still smells like a porta potty, and people are still living in lean-to's. The refugees/evacuees, or whatever the pc phrase is now are still jacking up crime rates in Dallas and Houston, and here's what they are spending their relief money on...

—an all-inclusive, one-week Caribbean vacation in the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic.

—five season tickets to New Orleans Saints professional football games.

—adult erotica products in Houston and "Girls Gone Wild" videos in Santa Monica, Calif.

—Dom Perignon champagne and other alcoholic beverages in San Antonio.

—a divorce lawyer's services in Houston.

There was even someone who lived in West VA who recieved aid money, by using an address inside a New Orleans cemetary...

Well hopefully these people spent enough of the Taxpayers money to get some "comps" at the resorts they stayed at when the next storm rolls through and flushes N.O. again.