Foreigners voting in Canadian Federal Elections

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I have a question: How does Elections Canada prevent landed immigrants from voting in the fed. elections? All you need to really vote in any riding is your provincial drivers license. It includes your name, your address and signature. Any foreigner can get a license, so I wanted to know how we prevent people who are not entitled to vote from voting? There's no way to count how many illegals may have drivers licenses, because the MTO never asked me for citizenship documents.. they just gave me a license as long as I provided them with proof of address.

How do they work with that then? It may hint as to why urban centres are so overwhelmingly liberal..
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All I needed an hour and a half ago,

was my voter's registration card. The card was mailed to me but I can't remember if I had to show anything to get the card. I don't think I did. I would like to believe that everything is checked and cross-checked with the various governments I deal with like the income tax people and social insurance people etc. Now I'll have to dig into it and find out.
It is not unresaonable to assume there could a lot of extra voters. The positive side is that since voter turnout is so poor this is a way to increase the percentage voting with little effort. One can only imagine how many extra passports there are out there.

16.30 Stakeholders have raised concerns about the high number of living SIN holders in the SIR compared with the size of the Canadian population: a gap of about 3.8 million for those aged 20 or older, the age at which most Canadians have obtained a SIN (see Exhibit 16.3) . Various factors could account for the gap: the number of Canadians and non-Canadians who have left the country, deceased SIN holders whose deaths have not been reported to HRDC, and SINs based on fraudulent identities. Since the gap cannot be reconciled with any certainty, it represents a risk of increased error, abuse and misuse of the SIN that could allow inappropriate access to federal and provincial programs.
That's a good question.

When I was in university, the people paid to sign up voters were paid by the number of voters they signed up. They wound up going through the dorms and signing up everyone, but half the students weren't Canadians.

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