coming to canada disabled

im marring a canadain woman and am planning on immigrating to canada, but im disabled and will be unable to work for a while. Will I still be allowed to come to canda?
I'm in the immigration process myself, although not spousal class. I'd recommend you familiarize yourself with the regulations--go to the official government site at Your wife will have to prove that she can support you while you wait for your PR to go through (if you are planning an in-land application) and after (I think she is "responsible" for you financially for 3 years). Best of luck to you!
thanks rising star is there any way i could contact you. sorry but my question hasnt been answered and cant be answered by the cic website
tmapj, try this forum: Road To Canada for some answers. Wannabe and I are both members over there, and there are likely to be people who can answer your question.

Good luck!
whoops i meant WANNABE CANADIAN not rising star
Yep, we can chat more over on RTC like Summer mentioned; hopefully someone over there can help you more. There are tons of great people over on that site who are all in the immigration process; it's very helpful and informative. I'm wishing you the very best of luck in your upcoming marriage and in the immigration process!

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