Can Canada ever be fully independent from the United States?

Can Canada be freed from U.S. politics or economics? How about American culture? Think about it and lets get some intelligent discussion going.

-No ignorant or ill-toned posts please.
Well not that I think we have been captured by US politics or economics or anything. The way I see it is both countries have alot of similarities in beliefs and values and hence some of our laws are similar. As for economics that's a whole other story. Canada's economy is doing very well at the moment, I'm not positive how the US economy is doing. And as for American culture I think we are each our own in that arena.
Reverend Blair
We will be always be somewhat attached to US policies. They are our closest neighbour. Right now they also affect every nation in the world with their policies. While we experience more of an effect than other nations is largely due to the unimaginative and dangerous trade policies that our leaders have followed for the past 20 years or so.

Will we ever be completely free of their influence? No. We can reduce it though. In fact it's imperative that we reduce their influence over our economy and our policies because the United States is serious danger of bankruptcy, which will almost certainly cause them to become a failed state.
"Can Canada be freed from U.S. politics or economics? How about American culture?"

Only if we wall ourselves off into a hermit state with no contact with any other nation.
No, and I don't think it should be. Every country should be tied to the others, at least a little.
Can Canada be entirely seperate from the U.S.A., not a chance.

Our whole society is strongly intertwined with the U.S., economically, socially, technologically, etc, etc.

We must remember that Canada's economy is mainly still a resource based agricultural economy. We harvest resources and sell mainly to the U.S.A. (although we get ripped off for it). Look at the fallout from the cattle farmers up here when the U.S. banned live cattle.

We watch a lot of American made television and movies. We buy products from American companies who usually don't even make them in America.

Many people including myself feel we are far to attached to the U.S.A. for our own good. But, instead of working out how to keep America out, we must become more independent so that we can stand up on our own.

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