First they hand it all over to corporations, even military:


NATO's top military commander is seeking an important new security role for private industry and business leaders.

Two immediate and priority projects for NATO officials to develop with private industry are to secure the pipelines bringing Russian oil and gas to Europe against terrorist attacks

Oil companies were already spending more than a billion dollars a year on security in one region alone [Gulf of Guinea off the West African coast]


And then they do this:
"Park Service managers now must be screened for Bush loyalty"

Finally, they run America's economy into the ground as a way to finalise the privatisation of America.

The people now running America aren't conservatives: they're radicals who want to do away with the social and economic system we have, and the fiscal crisis they are concocting may give them the excuse they need."

It has the appearance of a game plan to plunge government so deeply into debt that it can no longer offer support to the larger citizenry, and that this can only result in the corporate sector winning by default and becoming, in principle, like so many mediaeval landowners. Looking ahead, one sees the main controlling element of society not a government of, by and for the people but a corporate sector that controls life’s essentials and charges as much as the market will bear.

“Nothing personal; just business.” We hear that a lot, it has been built into our culture and has become accepted as a truth that requires no further explanation*. Really, it is just an excuse for the corporate machines to roll over people and not have to apologise for it.

But this is about economics. The debt America is incurring is going to overwhelm their economy, and it is to the benefit of the Elites again, like the Great Depression was, where they ended up holding the great majority of whatever was left intact, AND the entire future of industrial America. Turned out it was worth more that way, even if much was lost at least they control the field afterwards.