Potentially deadly drug-resistant 'fungal superbug' emerging in Canada

Potentially deadly drug-resistant 'fungal superbug' emerging in Canada


That sucks!!
"resistant to most medications and can be deadly for patients who are already sick" - that sucks. It was first identified in Japan 10 years ago. Better be careful.
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Mother Nature's answer to overpopulation.
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Mother Nature's answer to overpopulation.

Oh? Since when is "Mother Nature" guided by cheap ass LIE-berals trying to save a buck on hospital cleaning and sterilization?

Here is an article illustrating the ongoing problems with LIE-beral style health rationing- which is a mess Ford govt has inherited from Wynne-bag LIE-berals -along with an incredible amount of debt and an entirely ENTITLED collection of civil service union Hogs! The Hogs are fighting all Ford efforts to clean up ANY of the LIE-beral MESSES! The LIE-berals mess is so immense that it will take decades to make a dent in the mess! With some comments of my own in brackets):

'Sick to my stomach': Dirty clinic's patients shaken, angry.

By Kimberley Molina. July 21. 2018

Louise Sullivan says she feels betrayed after finding out the problems at the clinic went on for nearly 15 years. She's now searching for a new family doctor.

Patients of an Ottawa clinic under investigation for using dirty equipment say they're worried about their health, and angry the problems were allowed to continue for so long.

The Main Street Family Centre in Stittsville was ordered to stop performing minor medical procedures in April following a complaint from a member of the public about the clinic's cleanliness. Ottawa Public Health (OPH) investigated, and was unable to determine if the equipment had been properly cleaned or sterilized in the nearly 15 years since the clinic opened in December 2003.

(Yeah- 15 years is a LONG TIME to leave the equipment uncleaned! I guess that sort of attitude develops when you are overwhelmed with work- as so many doctors are- and start seeing your patients as something like a herd of stampeding cattle! One has to think that attitude would manifest itself in various other ways as well- such as general rudeness or bad bedside manner- but sick people in Ontari-owe have no choice about necessary services such as health care!)

"[I'm] sick to my stomach. I just can't imagine the magnitude of it. I can't imagine it would go on that long," said Louise Sullivan, who received a letter Thursday informing her she was among the approximately 4,600 patients who may have been exposed to hepatitis B, C, or HIV .

Sullivan said she expected the letter because she had a tick removed at the clinic several years ago.

"You lose confidence of course in the clinic, and now there's going to be ... I don't know how many thousands of people are trying to now find a new family doctor."

(Given the number of people who report being exposed to various dangerous and deadly antibiotic resistant diseases at our hospitals -one should not be surprised by this latest complaint! Careful cleaning of medical facilities was the first service to be chopped by LIE-berals who had better things to do with their gravy than waste it on soap and hot water for sick people!)

(And this is not the first report of sloppy cleaning of medical equipment- if I recall correctly- one Ontari-owe hospital got caught “sterilizing operating room instruments mostly in “non standard” fluids such as motor oil back in the 1980`s! And other hospitals have been caught reusing surgical instruments without cleaning them- for days or weeks at a time! But the Stittsville clinic SETS THE RECORD FOR DIRTY! )

Sullivan said she feels betrayed and wonders how long it will take for her test results to come back.

Those sentiments were echoed by other former patients who arrived at a Stittsville lab Friday afternoon to undergo blood tests.

"You don't mess with people's health," said Colleen Cantwell, who received a letter along with her 28-year-old son. She said the experience has shaken her trust in the health-care system.

"You don't like to always be afraid to go into a place that is supposedly there to help you. Cut corners somewhere else. Don't cut it with my health or my son's health."

(LIE-berals long ago made their choices regarding spending priorities! The number of patients seeking medical treatment is rising steadily while the number of kids in schools is slowly DROPPING! Yet LIE-beral spending on education rose FIFTY PERCENT FASTER than health care spending! LIE-berals know how to BUY the most votes!)

Clinic resuming procedures

Ottawa Public Health told the clinic on April 25 it could no longer perform any minor medical procedure, but after followup inspections the clinic was given the green light on July 12 to resume all procedures except suturing, according to Dr. Geneviève Cadieux, Ottawa's associate medical officer of health.

OPH said mental health resources are also available to anyone who needs support after receiving a letter.

Some former patients are demanding more than reassurance, however.

"They need to get something in place. There's health inspections in place when you go to a restaurant. There should be something in place for this as well," said Cantwell. "There's a lapse in care."

(Some of the diseases these people have been exposed to are hugely dangerous and life altering- the slobs at the clinic ought to be facing some severe sanctions for their piggery- but they are not! LIE-berals believe most problems should be quickly swept under the nearest rug and FORGOTTEN- for their convenience!)
Great who nocro thread this thread when so many dead from COVID-19

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Great who nocro thread this thread when so many dead from COVID-19


If you feel poorly and cannot get a cure - THANK A LIE-beral!
Yeah, everything bad is a "lie-beral" conspiracy.
Dumbass child.
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Yeah, everything bad is a "lie-beral" conspiracy.
Dumbass child.

Oh dont worry! You will be MUCH WISER - if you ever grow up!
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Oh dont worry! You will be MUCH WISER - if you ever grow up!

At least I am wise enough to avoid thinking all life is about Cons and Lieberals, unlike you, toddler.
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At least I am wise enough to avoid thinking all life is about Cons and Lieberals, unlike you, toddler.

So.......poor burned out Ember is telling us she does not think much at all!

I find that remarkably EASY TO BELIEVE!

Here is an article illustrating how poorly we are being served and protected by federal LIE-berals during this Wuhan Virus Pestilence! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Province battles federal control of COVID-19 fight

By Don Braid, Calgary Herald

PublishedMarch 24, 2020

Canada is a glorious hodgepodge of governments and regions that seem ill-equipped to control a pandemic.

(Garbage! Each level of govt has its own specific responsibilities and federal LIE-berals are SHIRKING theirs for grossly selfish reasons!)

No single authority is in charge of a co-ordinated response to the coronavirus spreading across the land. We have 10 provinces, three territories and Ottawa, all grappling with the greatest crisis in generations.

(NONSENSE! Our first and MAIN line of defence MUST be PREVENTING sick people from entering the country and spreading the Wuhan Pestilence! LIE-berals have been REMARKABLE CARELESS about restricting access for sick people!)

(Even healthy travellers coming into our air ports have commented in anger on our LAX screening process! Even the CBC - our dedicated LIE-beral loving Cdn version of Soviet era Pravda has commented angrily - first on how many people want to get back to Canada because they feel safer here due to our current lower infection rates - and secondly CBC has made it clear that sick people have strong incentive to LIE about their health in order to get quickly back into Canada!)

(Health care is certainly a provincial responsibility but Customs and Immigration is a FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITY and LIE-berals have made it abundantly CLEAR they do not wish to be bothered identifying and quarantining sick people! LIE-berals simply have other things to do with their limited supply of gravy that they intend to spend for THEIR party benefit - seeking purchased voter support!)

Ottawa has not yet rolled out its big gun — the federal Emergencies Act, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described Monday as “an override over the provinces.”

“It takes powers that are normally only in the hands of the provinces and even municipalities and puts them at the federal level,” Trudeau said, noting the act would be discussed with premiers Monday evening in a conference call.

He wanted to see where Ottawa “might do more.”

(How SAD! The LIE-beral FIRST RESPONSE is to over ride provincial authority so Ottawa can claim the credit for saving us from the Pestilence - while FORCING provinces to CONTINUE doing all the heavy health care lifting! And of course LIE-berals also are seeking “extraordinary powers” to NEUTER our parliament FOR twenty one months - so that LIE-berals will have a TOTALLY FREE HAND - to tax and spend and reward LIE-beral supporters and BUY MORE VOTES - without the bother of asking Parliament for PERMISSION!)

(All Cdns should be DEEPLY DISTURBED by this LIE-beral political coup! Bad enough that LIE-berals are using Wuhan Virus AS AN EXCUSE to spend wildly in hope of propping up their minority govt- but they also wish to NEUTER our democratic process for nearly TWO YEARS - in a desperate hope that in time they can figure out how to avoid a Non Confidence vote that will kill their govt!)

(Meanwhile - our airports are crammed with returning citizens coming from Wuhan Virus HOT SPOTS and they are jammed together in long lines at customs and hugging and kissing welcoming family members - with NO REGARD for “social distancing”! LIE-beral efforts at disease control are SO SLOPPY they are not even monitoring travellers for signs of fever!)

The Liberals are clearly tempted. But several provinces oppose full federal control, including Alberta.

(What would be achieved by giving Ottawa “full control” - and how would that make any difference to the situation? It is Municipalities who traditionally are responsible for ensuring that people ordered into quarantine actually DO SO! The LIE-beral version of “control” has been to ASK people to self quarantine - with NO GUARANTEE they are doing so! In fact there are multiple news reports of people gathering at parks and play grounds to entertain their kids - AND CREATE an ideal method of sharing Wuhan Virus between families!)

(Fortunately municipal govt has belatedly wakened to the danger and closed the parks and recreation centres! Our leaders CHOOSE NOT to discuss the fact that more rigorous screening at the border - AND ENFORCED 14 day quarantine of ALL travellers would have kept us MUCH SAFER! Sadly - municipal govt has followed the LIE-beral virtue signalling lead and chosen NOT to get aggressive with travellers- and of course cities WANT the tourist dollars so a closed border is seen by them as a BAD THING! LIE-berals play dangerous games with our health!)
The strongest support for the Emergencies Act comes from the northern territories, which have few resources and direct dependence on Ottawa.

(Yes - many native leaders are ;looking for a Wuhan Excuse BAIL OUT for PRE- EXISTING PROBLEMS!)

The premiers’ attitude might seem like classic Ottawa-shunning by regional chiefs fearful of federal intrusion. There’s a lot of that in normal times.

But the only question that matters now is whether provincial virus-fighting efforts are working — and whether, if Ottawa stepped in, it could do any better.

(Closing ALL schools here in Ontari-owe for 14 days IS A GOOD START! Too bad the virus seems to be doing an end run around into parks and social gatherings and spilling out from non quarantined careless travellers!)

(There is AMPLE reason to think that we will have to REPEAT the school closures - along with closure of ALL parks and restaurants and etc - SEVERAL TIMES in the not too distant future - in a COORDINATED effort to totally HALT disease transmission while at the same time identifying and forcibly quarantining ALL carriers of the Pestilence and that will require cooperation from all levels of govt! Meaning govt will move to close the barn door AFTER the Wuhan horse has ESCAPED! Govt is playing catch up after its repeated early FAILURES!)

A federal takeover would add another layer of administration in the fight and slow down response.

The slicing and dicing of power could take weeks to sort out. And the virus would keep on advancing.

(True dat - more chiefs equals more confusion! But LIE-berals are focussed on RE-ELECTION and the Wuhan Mess is only of interest to them if it provides them with opportunities to BUY VOTES!)

Before the Monday night conference call, Premier Jason Kenney said, “We would certainly ask the federal government, if they intend to do that, not to subordinate emergency management efforts by Alberta and other provincial governments.

(Federal govt has NO ability to improve current provincial health care activities - other than offer up increased emergency funding!)

“We don’t need that level of confusion,” Kenney said. “Obviously we want a very high level of co-ordination across the country between provinces, the federal government and territories. And we have that co-operation.

“Every day there is a conference call amongst the provincial public health officers, chaired by the president of the Public Health Agency of Canada,” he added. “And we, as premiers of the Council of the Federation, have already met by telephone several times in the past two weeks. I think our provincial health ministers and finance ministers have also been in discussion.”

Canada’s provincial emergency systems are very similar, all with chief medical officers of health, public health authorities, and emergency response protocols.

They even have high respect for Health Canada. The federal government is very involved right now in useful ways.

By comparison, the Americans seem completely unable to formulate a national strategy. Try to imagine the 50 state governors on a conference call. Add President Donald Trump. Then, thank God none of our leaders thinks this is a hoax.

(Yankees have a MASSIVE PROBLEM thanks to their lack of govt run health care as their HMO groups will NOT respond swiftly to govt orders! Nor will Yankees with high quality health care wish to see it eroded as govt seeks to supply aid to the un-insured mass of poorer citizens - most of whom CANNOT AFFORD to self quarantine voluntarily anyway!)

(There is GOOD REASON to believe that Cdn borders will need to be closed for MUCH LONGER than LIE-berals expect!)

But back to Canada: There is a vital role for Ottawa to play in this pandemic fight that has nothing to do with the Emergency Act.

Trudeau acknowledged this Monday after a weekend that showed many Canadians don’t respect self-isolation rules or even have a clue what they are.

(This is NOT a federal area- as noted it is MUNICIPAL - and our city leaders have been FAILING in their specific area of maintaining public health! Ottawa HAS NO boots on the ground to monitor quarantine breakers - it is city cops and health care workers who will end up doing that job - regardless of who is chief Poohbah!)

After the conference call with Trudeau, Kenney said: “The federal government sought the views of the provinces on the use of the Emergencies Act.

“Some provinces, including B.C. and Alberta, urged the federal government to use its powers to complement existing provincial actions, not try to supplant them.

(There are NO LIE-beral votes to be won in simply assisting the provinces! Areas of govt responsibility are already defined- Ottawa needs to get control of airports and diseased travellers; the cities need to close various venues where people collect and pass on the infection; and the provinces need to continue as they have done - closing schools and non essential biz and expanding the health care resources to manage the sudden flow of Wuhan patients!)

(It is especially DISTURBING that govt has been telling us fo some weeks now that “non essential” biz should close - but it is only after the spike in Wuhan infection rates occurred in Canada - that govt DARED to make a list of “non essential” Biz!)

(LIE-beral minded leaders across the country HAVE FAILED to do their duty!)