NAFTA; Did Mexico throw Canada under the bus ?

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Its not just a deal with Trump. Its a deal with the USA. People need to quit pissing their pants every time Trump says something.

Better if we wait until he's gone before signing on the dotted line.
It'll cost us a lot of money possibly a national recession, but it might be worth it to let Scheer Get"R"Dun
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It'll cost us a lot of money possibly a national recession, but it might be worth it

If he "drops the bomb" and imposes auto tarifs, GM goes over the edge one more time although this time, Canada doesn't chip in $9 billion rescue money like we did the last time. Is Trump going to bail out GM after starting the fire that wiped it out in the first place? Saner heads will intervene. It will be a national catastrophe for both countries, all driven by Trimp's ego.

It's not likely to happen.

We can wait. Pretty soon, the aluminum and steel tarifs will be found to be illegal and maybe even the softwood lumber duties.
Nafta Talks Restart Under Pressure from Trump and Congress

NAFTA talks to resume after Canada cites 'goodwill'


Canada insisted there was still room to salvage the North American Free Trade Agreement after talks on Wednesday with the United States and said both sides would meet again later in the day after separate discussions on this morning's proposals.
There were few signs, however, that a deal was close to being struck and comments by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday indicated there would be little compromise from Ottawa on its red-line issues.

Canada wants a permanent exemption from President Donald Trump's steel and aluminium tariffs and the threat of auto tariffs to be removed. It also wants to continue protections for its dairy industry and defend lumber exports to the United States, which have been hit with duties.
"We continue to work hard," Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said after meeting with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.
"There is good faith and good will on both sides."
U.S. officials did not comment after Wednesday's meeting, which came after Trump said he was willing to dump Canada from the $1.2 trillion (930.30 billion pounds)three-country trade pact after he reached agreement with Mexico last week.
As the two sides met for talks, new economic data showed that the U.S. trade deficit with Canada continues to grow, hitting $3.1 billion in July, potentially providing ammunition to Trump who has accused Canada of "cheating" Americans.
Trump nearly tore up the NAFTA pact last year after visiting farmers in Wisconsin, a major U.S. producer of dairy products that Washington says has been hurt by Canadian protectionism.
Trump charges that the 1994 pact, which underpins $1.2 trillion in trade between the three countries, has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs, a statement that most economists dispute.
Data released on Wednesday showed the U.S. trade deficit hit a five-month high of $50 billion. The shortfall with Canada shot up 57.6 percent.
Trump has notified Congress that he intends to sign a trade deal reached last week with Mexico by the end of November and officials said the text would be published by around Oct. 1.
But Canadian officials, who note increasing political pressure on Trump from U.S. business and labour circles to keep NAFTA as a trilateral arrangement, said they were in no hurry.
"We're not saying we don't want to move swiftly to try and get a deal. But I think certainly we were always intending to take as long as it was going to take," said a government source who declined to be identified given the sensitivity of the situation.
"We're seeing goodwill on all sides and if we see some more flexibility, then I think we can start to see things moving in a good direction," added the source.
Negotiators have blown through several deadlines since the talks started in August 2017. As the process grinds on, some in Washington insist Trump cannot pull out of NAFTA without the approval of Congress.
"Trump is relying on bluster and bullying in a desperate attempt to get Congress to swallow his half-baked deal. You can't fix NAFTA without fixing issues with Canada," said Senator Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees trade.

Trump, Trudeau posture on NAFTA's future


WASHINGTON - Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau raised their trade brinkmanship to a new level Wednesday with each saying they were willing to walk away from the North American Free Trade Agreement if they don't get what they want.
Trudeau started the day by branding Trump a rule breaker to argue in favour of keeping a mechanism to resolve trade disputes, while Trump hours later said Canada had more to lose than the United States if the two countries can't make a deal to preserve the three country NAFTA.
"That's going to be fine for our country," Trump said. "It won't be fine for Canada."
The bombast of the two leaders contrasted with the insistence of negotiators that the mood inside the room was constructive as talks hit what is being described as an intense phase. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland went out of her way to praise her counterpart, U.S. trade czar Robert Lighthizer, saying he was acting with "good faith" and "good will."
"The atmosphere continues to be productive and constructive," she said Wednesday evening, adding that both countries' officials would continue negotiating late into the night.
"We are making good progress. We continue to get a deeper and deeper understanding of the concerns on both sides."
Negotiations, now in their 13th month, are key to determining the economic and trade relationship among the three North American countries, with many workers' and industries' prospects hanging in the balance.
At the same time, Trump needs a win on trade ahead of the U.S. midterm elections in November that will test the president's ability to keep control of Congress.
"We're not going to accept that we should have to sign a bad deal just because the president wants that," Trudeau told Edmonton radio station CHED.
Trudeau offered some of his sharpest criticism of the unpredictable American president, saying that Canada won't give an inch to Trump's desire to scrap NAFTA's Chapter 19 dispute resolution panels. The chapter allows companies to have their differences settled by independent arbiters — something Trump views as an infringement of U.S. sovereignty.
"We need to keep the Chapter 19 dispute resolution because that ensures that the rules are actually followed. And we know we have a president who doesn't always follow the rules as they're laid out," Trudeau said.
Freeland, when asked about the comments, said she didn't want to negotiate in public, but added: "I agree with the prime minister in public all of the time, and in private 99.99 per cent of the time ... He made some important comments."
The U.S. and Mexico reached a side deal last month, leaving Canada to negotiate separately with the U.S.
Trump hinted there might be progress towards a deal with Canada.
"I think we've come a long way toward them treating us fairly," Trump said.
But other issues have yet to be worked out, including Canada's cultural exemption in NAFTA. Sources familiar with the Canadian bargaining position say the cultural exemption Canada has insisted on preserving since NAFTA talks reopened remains an 11th-hour sticking point.
Part of the disagreement on culture revolves around Canada's decision to allow the broadcast of glitzy American Super Bowl commercials, a decision that irks Lighthizer.
His annual report on barriers to U.S. trade this year singled out the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's decision in 2015 to ban the long-time practice of Canadian advertisers inserting their ads into the Super Bowl broadcast over the more popular American ones.
The new rules went into effect in time for the Super Bowl in February 2017.
American networks worried that the CRTC's decision reduced the value of Canadian programming because the amount they pay for Super Bowl rights is determined by how much advertising they can sell in Canada, Lighthizer's report said.
Lighthizer also said American broadcasters operating in border states have complained about Canadian counterparts picking up the U.S. signals and redistributing in Canada without consent. "The United States is exploring avenues to address these concerns," Lighthizer wrote.
Canada and the U.S. need to present an agreed-upon text to the U.S. Congress by Oct. 1 in order to join the deal the Trump administration signed with Mexico. Trump is threatening to move ahead on a deal with Mexico that excludes Canada.
The goal of this week's talks is to reach a deal by Dec. 1 so Congress can give its approval to a revised three-country NAFTA before Mexico's new president takes office.
Freeland wouldn't guess how much more time negotiators will need to come to some agreement. She compared the trade negotiation to the advice a midwife gave her on giving birth: "You never knew for sure how many contractions it would take to give birth to your child but you knew that each contraction was one contraction closer to the end.
"I think that's where we are."

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I supported getting rid of the dairy cartel before Trump arose.

That said, there are better ways to care for each other than to maintain an inefficient industry. We don't care for each other by overpricing milk for the working poor.

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GET rid of dairy quotas????????????????????????

DO NOT let our resident featherhead bluebyrd35 hear you say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She will blow assorted gaskets and O rings if she hears a HINT of any plan to deprive her of entitlements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont you know she has TWO HOUSES to maintain???????????

She has one in the scenic Quebec countryside for summer use and another in United States for when The cold winds blow!!!!!!!!

Do you not understand that Pierre Trudeau GAVE Bluebyrd those entitlements and we are now- in her view- OBLIGATED to maintain those entitlements in the same way that earlier generations were OBLIGATED to maintain the entitlements of inbred French Royalty!!!!!!!

Noblesse Oblige!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If he "drops the bomb" and imposes auto tarifs, GM goes over the edge one more time although this time, Canada doesn't chip in $9 billion rescue money like we did the last time. Is Trump going to bail out GM after starting the fire that wiped it out in the first place? Saner heads will intervene. It will be a national catastrophe for both countries, all driven by Trimp's ego.

It's not likely to happen.

We can wait. Pretty soon, the aluminum and steel tarifs will be found to be illegal and maybe even the softwood lumber duties.

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Trump`s ego could not fuel a minor political event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy is ONE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how much power does he really have???????????????

His immigration laws have been repeatedly trashed by judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His health bills have been repeatedly trashed by Congress!!!!!!!!!!!!

His NAFTA agreement with Mexico is nothing more than feel good window dressing that changes NOTHING in the real world!!!!!!!!!!

His NAFTA deal with Mexico has YET TO BE RATIFIED by Congress- and may never go into effect!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump`s power is so LIMITED that he cannot even stop state officials from WARNING illegals to run and hide when immigration raids are imminent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AS for Our idiot Boy- I am sure that Cdns see through his CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We sahre many concerns with Yankees such as:

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