Julie Payette appears poised to launch into Governor General role

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Payette with current Gov. Gen. David Johnston after receiving the Order of Canada in September 2011. Johnston, who had a long career in academia, was chosen for the position in 2010 off a short list presented to then prime minister Stephen Harper by an ad hoc committee of experts. (FRED CHARTRAND)

In 1992, the Canadian Space Agency picked Payette and three others from a pool of 5,330 applicants to become astronauts.

She went on to fly two missions on the space shuttle in 1999 and 2009, missions that included stops at the International Space Station. She has logged a total of 611 hours in orbit. She has also served as capsule communicator, responsible for communications between mission control in Houston and astronauts in orbit.

Payette holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Montreal’s McGill University and a master’s of applied science in computer engineering from the University of Toronto. She told the Star in 2014 that the deficit of women in science is a “multi-faceted issue.”

“It has to do with recruitment, retention, promotion within the system, which may not be always equal, accommodation and then the fifth one is what I call image,” she said.

“There is a bit of an image that is tagged to scientists and engineers, and I don’t think I fit that, but I am through and through very much an engineer and proudly so. I’m a total geek and I love it.”

The Governor General also serves as commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. As part of her 1,300 hours of flight time, Payette has experience flying CT-114 Tutor jet — the same aircraft used by the Snowbirds aerobatic team — and has earned her instrument rating with the military.

More: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/...y-trudeau.html

Congratulations, Julie. I wish you only the best in your new post. I am sure you will represent our country with honor and dedication.

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you go girl!

One of the few people who has really seen the whole country

Seems like a good choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by IdRatherBeSkiing View Post

Seems like a good choice.

Would be interesting to know a bit more detail on that pesky dismissed 2nd degree assault charge that showed up during the vetting process. Would also be interesting to know if a male would have cleared the vetting process and been accepted by our illustrious feminist- because it's 2015- PM under the same circumstance.

Having said that, she seems like a great choice and will make a good gg.
Twice divorced, trouble with personal relationships it seems to me.
I don't like her.

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