ANTIFA punk has nothing to say when confronted

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Someone should yank that nose ring like a grenade pin.

2nd rate malnourished muscles, dumb nose ring, moronic haircut, queer scarf tank-top combo and a tiger hat.

autistic screeching and that liberalism mental disorder. this is the democratic base kids.

the comments are where it's at man.

These uppity whites are an embarrassment to the rest of us. I was hoping that black dude would knock the white out of him.

I tell you fukking what....the 1930's real Nazis these losers seem to think everyone that don't agree with them is.....would have waded into them and beat them to death.

Hitler's brown shirts would have just killed them.

They keep this moronic shit up and they are fast turning normal people against them into the arms of the so called alt right.

AND considering they are all pathetic weeds of men, fat lesbian chicks and tiny freaky looking women, they really need to tone this shit down. People have had enough of them, you can plainly see it all over the internet. You arse clowns are gonna reap a whirlwind believe me.
Yeah, your SA heroes were real hard men.

Until they ran into Otto Bellgardt.