NHL says it won't participate in 2018 Olympics

It appears the 2018 Winter Olympics will lack the star power of Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews after the NHL announced Monday it will not interrupt next season to accommodate the Pyeongchang Games.

Instead, hockey will likely be represented on the global stage by many players with unrecognizable names -- think Brad Schlegel, David Harlock and Dwayne Norris from Canada's silver-medal winning team at the 1994 Lillehammer Games.

"It's very disappointing and I feel like we're short-changing some of the younger players that haven't had that opportunity," two-time gold medal winning Canadian goaltender Carey Price said.


NHL says it won't participate in 2018 Olympics | CTV News
Well if this is the end of NHL participation in the Olympics the bright side is that Canada will retain the throne. The downside is for all the bright young players such as McDavid and Matthews who, I imagine, had dreams of representing their countries and of the pride that comes with wearing the Maple Leaf or Stars and Stripes. They are the ones most affected this decision which is based solely on the wishes of a bunch of greedy team owners and thoroughly embraced by that smarmy little creep Bettman. What a damn shame.
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Ovechkin has already said he's going I predict others as prominent will follow.
I don't understand what the hockey owners are thinking, other than short term cash flow. I saw a stat a few weeks back listing Canadian sports teams by market value. Believe it or not the Toronto Raptors are worth more than either the Maple Leafs or Canadiens. The NBA has it's act together, while the NHL is becoming a snorefest.
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I don't understand what the hockey owners are thinking, other than short term cash flow. I saw a stat a few weeks back listing Canadian sports teams by market value. Believe it or not the Toronto Raptors are worth more than either the Maple Leafs or Canadiens. The NBA has it's act together, while the NHL is becoming a snorefest.

The NBA doesn't have to shut down it's season for the Olympics. Like it or not, the NHL is focused on the US market. Going to the Olympics or not going to the Olympics doesn't affect true US hockey fans. The people they are trying to attract to the game aren't going to get up at 2 AM to watch. Unless the Chinese sweeten the pot, we wont see hockey in 4 years either. The 2026 will be held in Calgary or Argentina. Hockey will be televised at normal times and NHL players will return
While I understand the players' desire to go, it doesn't make sense from an NHL perspective. It's a massive disruption to the season as the teams more or less begin their run for the playoffs. Who wants to watch that while the best players in the league are off playing in the Olympics? It's just too bad the Soviets had to f*ck things up with their obviously professional Red Army team, now the kids in Juniors don't get to play in the Olympics like they used to.
And that's just it, the Olympics used to be about showcasing amateur talent. We can watch the pros play all season long.
Fans suffer most from NHL decision not to go to 2018 Olympics | NHL | Hockey | S

as long as we win gold that's all that matters.

Since the NHL team owners have taken the stance that it's business over everything, the governments should take a similar stance, and refuse to fund any new arenas or give any subsidies or grants of any kind to NHL teams.

Hey, Calgary, want a new arena? Then build it yourself.
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Since the NHL team owners have taken the stance that it's business over everything,

Oh please spare us. Like the IOC doesn't do the exact same thing. They figured out they could make way more money exploiting professional athletes than by exploiting amateur athletes.
And the IOC are a$$holes anyway. Look at the last Winter Olympics where the NHL had no right to use images of ITS players in the Olympics without IOC consent, ie; money.
The IOC allowed McDonalds to force its will on London during their Olympics.
And quite frankly, it's a toss up as to who is more corrupt in the sporting world, the IOC or FIFA.
Bettman should let NHLers play: Patrick Brown | GUEST COLUMN | Canada | News | T
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NHLers at Olympics 'beyond the point of return': Melnyk
By Bruce Garrioch, Ottawa Sun
First posted: Monday, August 07, 2017 03:59 PM EDT | Updated: Monday, August 07, 2017 04:09 PM EDT
There’s no secret plan for NHL players and next year's Winter Games.
While there has been speculation the league has a schedule in its back pocket to attend the PyeongChang Olympics in February just in case the International Olympic Committee has a change of heart to try to entice players to go, Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has stated that’s not going to be the case.
“As far as any chance of anything, I do know, it’s a done deal. We’re finished. It’s beyond the point of return because we have our schedule,” Melnyk told The Naz and Wally Show Sunday morning on Zoomer Radio in Toronto. “And, now, everybody has been working very hard for the last month to (get ready).
“The schedule is set. The dates are set. All of our fan appreciation days are set. For us, especially, we’re going to Sweden and that’s set. We’re going to have an outdoor game. You can’t move that schedule anymore. There’s 31 teams that are planning things and have planned things. We’re way, way beyond anything to do with 2018. That’s just not going to happen.
“You asked me if there’s any way of fixing this or doing something with this? You can’t for this coming season. Absolutely not. It’s August. We start training camp in a month. People start coming in and then we start full play in early October. It’s actually technically impossible to do. Think of the television that’s all set. There’s a lot of things that have been set in motion that are pretty much irreversible.”
Dick Pound, an IOC member from Montreal, wrote a first-person column for the Montreal Gazette last week that criticized the league’s decision not to attend. He also doesn’t like the fact that individual players won’t be given the right to go if they want.
“He works for them and he gets paid by them and it’s his job to promote the fact that people should participate in the Olympics,” Melnyk said.
Melnyk noted Pound should also be promoting better funding for amateur athletes in Canada because individual athletes are having to dig into their own pockets to compete. Melnyk has been a supporter of Olympic athletes and understands the difficulties for many amateur athletes to make ends meet.
“I suggest one of the things that (Pound) focuses on is not the NHL — focus on how do you fund these poor amateur athletes that aren’t rich kids,” Melnyk added.
Yes, there has been talk that the Washington Capitals will allow winger Alex Ovechkin to attend to play with Russia, but if Ottawa captain Erik Karlsson wanted to go suit up for Sweden, Melnyk doesn’t believe that would be possible.
It’s believed the league will have a blanket policy on the subject before the season.
“If (Karlsson) came to me it would simply be a referral to the NHL offices,” Melnyk said. “They took over. I don’t have to make a decision. The decision was made by them. He has to deal with whatever those meetings if they occur.”
Melnyk said the Olympics should be a stage for amateur players.
“This should be amateur as it always was intended from the beginning of time,” he added. “It’s an amateur competition. Keep it that way. Now you’ve got boxing matches. You’ve got professionals, making multi-million dollars.”
The concern for Melnyk, naturally, is injury to the likes of Karlsson or any other star player. The Senators lost goalie Dominik Hasek in 2006 with a groin injury while playing for the Czech Republic in Turin, and he never returned to the club’s net.
“That was our year to win a Stanley Cup. We had all the momentum to win a Stanley Cup or, at the very least, get into the Stanley Cup final. We were there,” Melnyk said. “He wanted to go play for the Czech Republic. We let him go.
“The first game he left and he doesn’t play another game for us. We begged him to (play). (Daniel) Alfredsson and I begged him to, the coaches begged him, he said he wouldn’t do it and couldn’t do it, he had a groin injury and that was the end of Dominik Hasek (in Ottawa).”
NHLers at Olympics 'beyond the point of return': Melnyk | OLYMPICS | Hockey | Sp
It's not a disaster. Pros have only been allowed in the Olympics since 1992.

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