Here come ’smart stores’ with robots, interactive shelves

Here come ’smart stores’ with robots, interactive shelves | News | Tech | Toront

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LAS VEGAS — Tomorrow's retail stores want to take a page from their online rivals by embracing advanced technology — everything from helpful robots to interactive mirrors to shelves embedded with sensors.

The goal: Use these real-world store features to lure shoppers back from the internet, and maybe even nudge them to spend more in the process.
I thought Little Potato was telling all those kids at that convention last summer that they would have to get into part time jobs like sales if they want to beat automation... Because that's how the future will work. Now we have all these articles talking about how most of the part time jobs Trudeau was saying kids should do as a future are about to be automated...

Im more inclined to believe the National Post when they say that in the future that just by having a job that will be the new "rich"...

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