Brexit is Irrelevant to Britainís Future

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White Britons will be a minority by 2066. They'll be celebrating Ramadan and Wo-Go Po-Go very, very soon. Can't say that they weren't warned.

Brexit is Irrelevant to Britain’s Future - The New Observer
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and re "invasion", they thought other Europeans were to be feared
boy did they get fooled
I guess you're always the last to see it coming. Still, it's the 21st century and it is an island. Strategically speaking, any future difficulties will be easier to address.
And this is for BL and all his friends. Avoid the rush. Don't get beheaded because you enrolled or converted too late!
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Brexit means Britain regaining full control of her borders, so the current massive unchecked immigration will not last.

Britain will still be mainly white in 2066.
The UK is doomed. You are a denier, which means your end will be painful, but no one will care. Your head will go on a stick after they behead you. I love watching British deniers. Even as the blade falls, they deny.
Because Britons close their eyes to the realization that the UK is inexorably moving toward a cultural hijack, this article is a snapshot of what will be their undoing.

Large numbers of British Muslims are physically and ideologically segregated
and want to stay that way. Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Britain’s Muslim Problem

A new survey shows an alarming failure to assimilate in the U.K.

At least 800 British Muslims have left the country to wage jihad with Islamic State. Another 600 were caught trying to join the group. If that isn’t warning enough about the failure of Britain’s three million Muslims to assimilate (and climbing rapidly, murphy), a new survey of British-Muslim attitudes should be.

This survey shows how tardy such measures are, and also how little Britain can afford further delay. The longer it persists, the greater the threat Britain’s Muslim cultural isolation will pose to Britain’s liberal civilization.

Britain‚€™s Muslim Problem - WSJ

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