Western Denial and Islamic Radical Terror in Lahore

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The West has convinced itself that it cannot call the radical Islamic terror in Lahore by it's name.

In the West, noble and heartfelt expressions of solidarity with the mounting number of European victims of Islamist terrorism are proliferating proportionate to the increasing number of attacks. “Je Suis Charlie.” “Je Suis Bruxelles.” You don’t have to be plugged-in to social media or familiar with what a hashtag is to be privy to affirmations of unity with the victims of Islamic fundamentalist violence. They appear in print, adorn digital billboards along the nation’s highways, and grace the lips of the socially conscious. Rarely, however, do you see such outpourings of grief for countries like Turkey, where Islamist terror attacks now occur with terrifying regularity, or Nigeria, where Boko Haram’s gruesome acts of barbarism are rivaled only by those of its affiliate in Iraq and Syria. Speaking of Iraq, 41 people were killed and another hundred wounded over the weekend when a suicide bomber completed his grisly mission inside a soccer stadium. Where were the sympathetic hashtags for the slain Iraqis, Nigerians, Turks, or other non-Western victims of Islamist violence?



our little boy PM keeps this note in his pocket: We are outraged and saddened by the attacks on______ we stand with______ #scripted
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It's sad how the left is so progressive that it doesn't even believe a threat could exist.