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Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat: I don't think Justin Trudeau is the messiah.

There, I said it, and damn the consequences.

Like many long-time reporters, I've interviewed dozens of politicians over the years, from ideological first-timers to jaded career politicians, from those who you can tell are capable of swimming with the sharks to those who you know will be eaten by them. And there are things you pick up over the years after interviewing so many of them.

Those politicians who are best suited to the job all share similar qualities: A certain charisma; an ability to speak political gobbledy-gook, to answer questions while not actually answering them; a rolodex of carefully crafted mannerisms and facial expressions designed to suit any given situation or topic of conversation.

Over the years, you begin to see career politicians not as members of a group driven by a common ideology (read: political party), but as individuals who adopt an ideology that serves their own ambitions.
Trudeau is no different. Riding into office on such a groundswell of optimism for his "sunny ways" approach to leading the country is a lot to live up to when he disappoints us, which he most certainly will do at some point in his tenure as prime minister, our disappointment will be all the greater.

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