God and Soul in Quantum Theory. / By Socratus. /

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God and Soul in Quantum Theory. / By Socratus. /
Can the conception of God and Soul have Physical Background?
My answer is: "Yes, God and Soul have physical background
and can be explained by physical formulas, equations and laws."
I will try to prove my position.
Question: what is God?
The Religious answer:
God is something Absolute, Infinite, Eternal, Spiritual,
the Highest form of Consciousness, Who created everything
in the Universe.
The Physical answer ( in my opinion) is more concrete:
There is an Absolute, Infinite, Eternal Reference Frame and IT is
Vacuum in the condition of Absolute Zero: T=0K,
that take the functions of God and create everything in the Universe.
Zero Vacuum T=0K is a "solo fabric" of creation everything in the Universe.
Zero Vacuum T=0K is a Metaphysical / Spirit World.
How can I prove my opinion?
1. God does not create this Material World directly Himself.
2. To create Material World and everything in It, God uses Spiritual Particles.
3. The modern name of these Spiritual Particles is Quantum of Light.
Quantum of Light is most phenomenal particle in the World.
Quantum of Light is the structural essence of the Material World.
The essence of all material objects is Quantum of Light.
Through the behavior of Quantum of Light we can understand
what an Absolute God has the Highest form of Consciousness.
In the Vacuum Quantum of Light has maximal speed : c=1
(from our earthly- gravity point of view).
No material particles can ever attain this velocity. It means that this
constant characteristic brings quantum of light to the world which
is different from Material World and this is Vacuum World of Spirits.
Many kinds of so-called different particles (waves) are only different
manifestation / modifications of Quantum of Light.
How can I prove this opinion?
It seems that different particles create different waves:
EM-waves, Gamma-Radiation waves, Röntgen-Radiation waves,
Light-Waves, Ultraviolet -waves, Super/Ultra-High-TV-waves,
Short/Mid/Long wave- length Radio Emission waves . . . but . .
. . . but the energy of each of them is written by formula: E=h*f.
It means that the difference between all these particles / radiations
depends only on frequencies and the background of these modifications
is one and the same particle: Quantum of Light in different frequencies.
Why the simple quantum particle electron has six ( 6 ) formulas:
+E=Mc^2 and -E=Mc^2 ,
E=h*f and e^2=ah*c,
E=-me^4/2h*^2= -13,6eV and E= ∞ ?
My answer:
Because an electron and quantum of light / photon and antielectron
are one and the same particle in different actions and conditions and
" The Law of conservation and transformation of energy/ mass "
unites them together.
The Quantum of Light is not static / firm particle.
Quantum of Light is an elastic particle and can change its geometrical form.
Through so-called "vacuum fluctuation / transformation" Quantum of Light
can materialize or dematerialize its body ( virtual particle can become real
and vice versa) using its own inner impulse h or h*=h/2pi.
(Newtonian physics explains movement as a result of outside influence,
Quantum physics explains movement as a result of own inner power / impulse
of particle and therefore Quantum physics is only a modern Aristotle's metaphysics)
1. The potential state of Quantum of Light in the Zero Vacuum is: E=Mc^2.
2. In the straight constant movement its speed is c=1 and its energy is: E=hc
Quantum of Light behaves like a "particle".
3. In the rotation around its axis Quantum of Light behaves like "wave"
with energy: E=h*f. In the Zero Vacuum nobody has influence on
behavior of Quantum of Light. Quantum of Light by himself decided
in which state He wants to be, it means that Quantum of Light has some
kind of consciousness. The consciousness of Quantum of Light can evolve.
Quantum of Light takes part in creation atom, cell, flower, . . . etc . . . and
in creation every living being. And Its evolution of consciousness is going
step by step (from atom, cell, flower . . . to living being ) according to ancient
Vedas conception: ‘ from vague wish up to a clear thought ’
Now . . . . . if . . . .
If Quantum of Light have some kind of consciousness which can evolve
and the Absolute Zero T=0K gave the birth to this Spiritual Particles . . . .
then . . . . then it means that the T=0K have an Absolute the Highest form of Consciousness.
The tendency to understand "God" by physical laws, formulas,
equations using the Quantum Theory will be never ended.
Does Quantum Physics Make it Easier to Believe in God?
Does Quantum Physics Prove God's Existence?Does Quantum Physics Prove God's Existence?
Does quantum theory prove God exists?
Does quantum theory prove God exists? - Ask the atheists
In 1954 Einstein wrote:
" All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me
no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?'
Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows it,
but he is mistaken.'‘
In 1987 Feynman wrote:
‘ It is important to realize that in physics today,
we have no knowledge of what energy is.
We do not have a picture that energy comes in little
blobs of a definite amount. ‘
================ . . .
My concussions:
We don't accepted Absolute Reference Frame T=0K and therefore
we don't know what Quantum of Light and Electron are and therefore
every speculation is possible. I say:
1) God is simple: T=0K
2) Soul is simple: Quantum of Light
( c/d=pi, R/N=k, E/M=c^2, h=0, c=0, i^2=-1, h=E/t, h=kb,
h=1, c=1. h*=h/2pi, c>1, E=h*f , e^2=ach* , e^i(pi)= -1)
3) Everything else (material) is complex.
‘If we were looking for something that we could conceive
of as God within the universe of the new physics, this ground
state, coherent quantum vacuum might be a good place to start.’
/ Book ‘The quantum self ’ page 208, by Danah Zohar. /
=============== . . .
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.
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Dexter Sinister
So, god is the quantum vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero? Have you any idea how silly that notion is? Physics has only two things to say about god: he's not a necessary or useful part of any explanation of anything, and his existence with the characteristics usually ascribed to him is *extremely* improbable.
Nothing is impossible.

Transformation requires exploration. We exist as supercharged waveforms.

Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum soup via molecular structures.

Reality has always been bursting with beings whose essences are engulfed in choice. We are at a crossroads of understanding and bondage. Our conversations with other dreamers have led to a maturing of supra-authentic consciousness.

Rejuvenation is a constant. Inspiration is the driver of purpose. The multiverse is bursting with morphogenetic fields.
The harmonizing of grace is now happening worldwide. Imagine an unfolding of what could be. It is in evolving that we are guided.
Who are we? Where on the great circuit will we be aligned?
Yes, it is possible to extinguish the things that can exterminate us, but not without aspiration on our side. We can no longer afford to live with yearning. Greed is born in the gap where rejuvenation has been excluded.

It can be difficult to know where to begin. Entity, look within and beckon yourself. Although you may not realize it, you are non-dual.

Dexter Sinister
Good site there Zip, I can use that...
By the way . . . . . .
Quantum of Light has long history:
Vedas' " purusha"
Plato's " ideas" ,
Kant's " thing in itsel ",,
Leibniz's " monades " . . . . . etc . . .
No matter what their names are
but they are forces that give rise to all Nature's phenomena.
Proofs of God in a photon
The tendency to understand "God" by physical laws, formulas,
equations using the Quantum Theory never will be ended.

Dexter Sinister
Right, sure, god exists because you don't understand physics.
God and Religious Toleration/The proof of God
God and Quantum Physics
God and Religious Toleration/The proof of God - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
The tendency to understand "God" by physical laws, formulas,
equations using the Quantum Theory never will be ended.
Dexter Sinister
God is not to be found in quantum theory, it's a description of the physical world, so that tendency is pretty much a wasted effort. And the material at that citation you give was written by a fuzzy-minded loon with no clue what he's talking about, it's just a word salad with no real substance, typical New Age BS.
We are inside God. The universe we inhabit is a structure of his body.
" . . . ok... so who created the creator ? "
Nobody can create something that is beginningless and endless . .
. . . and Timeless between them.
"Beginningless + Endless + Timeless" is Itself Unique Primary
Physical and Mathematical Parameter = Infinity ( T=0K.)
Everything else in the Universe is limited.
This limited ( as material and as well spiritual) can be understood
by physical formulas an laws.

=========== ===…
Israel Socratus
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by Angstrom View Post

We are inside God. The universe we inhabit is a structure of his body.

And the evidence for that is...?
The Universe (as a material reality) was emerged from one common source.
The ancient Vedic teachers called it – Brahman,
Lao-Tzu called it – Tao,
The prophets of the Book called it – Yahweh or Allah.
Today the scientific officially community called this "common source"– Big Bang.
Of course, there is also a scientific possibility that the "common source
for the material reality " can be . . . 11- dimensions or M- dimensions, . . .
But tomorrow . . . .
When the next revolution rocks physics, chances are it will be about nothing -
the vacuum, that endless infinite void.
" The problem of the exact description of vacuum, in my opinion,
is the basic problem now before physics. Really, if you can’t correctly
describe the vacuum, how it is possible to expect a correct description
of something more complex? "
/ Paul Dirac ./
The most fundamental question facing 21st century physics will be:
What is the vacuum? As quantum mechanics teaches us, with
its zero point energy this vacuum is not empty and the word
vacuum is a gross misnomer!
/ Prof. Friedwardt Winterberg /
Wikipedia :
Unfortunately neither the concept of space nor of time is well defined,
resulting in a dilemma. If we don't know the character of time nor of space,
how can we characterize either? “
"Now we know that the vacuum can have all sorts of wonderful effects
over an enormous range of scales, from the microscopic to the cosmic,"
said Peter Milonni
from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
Although we are used to thinking of empty space as containing
nothing at all, and therefore having zero energy, the quantum
rules say that there is some uncertainty about this. Perhaps each
tiny bit of the vacuum actually contains rather a lot of energy.
If the vacuum contained enough energy, it could convert this
into particles, in line with E-Mc^2.
/ Book: Stephen Hawking. Pages 147-148.
By Michael White and John Gribbin. /
Somehow, the energy is extracted from the vacuum and turned into
particles...Don't try it in your basement, but you can do it.
/ University of Chicago cosmologist Rocky Kolb./
Vacuum -- the very name suggests emptiness and nothingness –
is actually a realm rife with potentiality, courtesy of the laws
of quantum electrodynamics (QED). According to QED,
additional, albeit virtual, particles can be created in the vacuum,
allowing light-light interactions.
. . . . . .
The problem with using science to prove God.. is that science and its formulas are a creation of God.. therefor subordinate to Him, finite and incapable of describing or understanding His totality.

Modern science long ago gave up on God. The Big Bang is its Creation Myth and the universe is a product of accidental intersections and probabilities.. lacking any consistent moral character... and those defined only by existential imperatives.

As is Man.. a combination of physical properties.. and certainly not a Creature which would presume a purpose or destiny .. except extinction.
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The idea that God Himself is Absolute space (T=0K) seems very strange.
Strange but it is not new.
English philosopher Henry More (1614 – 1687) in his books
" An Antidote against Atheism " and " Enchiridion Metaphysicum "
wrote that the Absolute space must be a real existence . . . .
. . . an essential being . . . a genuine spiritual substance . . .
Absolute space is the divine essence . .. Absolute space is divine . .
Absolute space is no other than God Himself . . .
Absolute space is God . . . .
And this Absolute space can generate "spirits of nature" - active agents
through whom the will of God becomes expressed in the world of matter.
/ Pages 147 - 148, 162. / . . . . . and
" Absolute space for Newton is not only the omnipresence of God;
it is also the infinite scene of the divine knowledge . . . ."
/ page 260 /
/ Book: The metaphysical foundations of modern science. By E.A. Burtt./
The candle of God is the soul of man.
/ Talmudic proverb /
It means that the soul is like the flame of a candle . . .
and the flame of candle is like a quantum of light.
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God is Truth...Is Love...God is All Energies in 1 Energy!
God is All!

God can not be explained or rationalized in Human Terms, with Human Minds!

Is Like Using Quantum Physics to try and explain Relativity...Needs Gravity!
Relativity Came 1st...Before it was broken down into Quantum Pieces.
God is The Whole of Everything! ... Science has yet to find a Unified theory! When/If they do ...They Might Just See the Face of God! But...More than likely, they'll look right through iITt. ... Smash and Break iITt up into little Itty bitty pieces; and say - " See; No God."( Yet Good Scientists always try to keep an open mind).

1 body is made up of many working inner pieces( in a Vacuum )...Breaking that Body up ( From Within that Body ) ... Smashing it into others, in order to find out what makes that body tick; Only makes a mess !

However...Having said that... - Theoretically, 1 would think A Meta-Physical, Universal God would find it quite easy to Communicate with/Transform Anything/All, using various Particles/Fields( Just flick this, pull that)...But, that would mean iITt. Could control iITt.s Innards...Or, was inside another Body.
Maybe iITt. just has to Eat/Drink better, exercise, and get proper sleep?.


So Have at it Socratus. All the best to ya Buddy on your quest. Bet ya find out a lot cool Schit on your adventure; but be sure to try and Hold/Keep it All together! Having Faith and Simply Believing is far easier though.

Everything is Energy And Information ( The Rest Recyclable ).

1 Peace or in Pieces?


By the way - Love this Thread Socratus. Way to search for that Ultimate Truth Man!


And What's with all that Dark Matter and Energy Out There!?


Over and Out There From Here, For Now!

All Praise God!
God Bless Us All!

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Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington wrote:
" The Reasons of a modern science give, maybe
the opportunity to make the conclusion
that the religion became acceptable
for sensible scientific mind, since 1927."
My conclusion.
a) Everything is possible that is not forbidden by Physics' laws.
b) What was possible yesterday it is impossible today and
what is impossible today can be possible tomorrow.

(for example: the Earth is flat because if Earth is a sphere then
the people on the other side of the sphere cannot walk or
the origin of the universe was begun from Big Bang because
before was a singular point.)
God is a greatest code – maker.
But, as every code, God's code also can be cracked with the right key.
In my opinion the right key has two formulas.
The one is - T = - 273, 15 . . . .
The second is – c/d = 3,14 . . . .
Using this key somebody, after strict analysis, can discover
who God is,
where God is,
how the God create the Existence.

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How about this version? God is a perfected human.
To become a perfected a person you learn at the same rate a person does today (from 0-20 years for example) 120 years of that and you have a perfected understanding of what what emotions and grace are in that you would be a 'kind' person, after that you need a period of about 120,000 years to learn all there is about what makes the universe run so that you can manipulate any part of it. That would make you a perfected person that is 1 day old. 20 years of being in that state you would be capable of being a perfect parent for the first time.
Until then grace is the ruler, if you have it you move forward, if not you take 1 step back.

Quote: Originally Posted by socratus View Post

The idea that God Himself is Absolute space (T=0K) seems very strange.
Strange but it is not new.
English philosopher Henry More (1614 – 1687) in his books
" An Antidote against Atheism " and " Enchiridion Metaphysicum "
wrote that the Absolute space must be a real existence . . . .
. . . an essential being . . . a genuine spiritual substance . . .
Absolute space is the divine essence . .. Absolute space is divine . .
Absolute space is no other than God Himself . . .
Absolute space is God . . . .
And this Absolute space can generate "spirits of nature" - active agents
through whom the will of God becomes expressed in the world of matter.
/ Pages 147 - 148, 162. / . . . . . and
" Absolute space for Newton is not only the omnipresence of God;
it is also the infinite scene of the divine knowledge . . . ."
/ page 260 /
/ Book: The metaphysical foundations of modern science. By E.A. Burtt./

lol, like any personal views from any of that era was 'rebels writing the truth that the Church and State could simply not contain'. Since everybody alive pretty much knows the Church was off the rails by then that the 'surviving literature' had to me manipulated texts that solidify a lie rather than exposing it. That also put correction out of the hands of any group. How odd that there is a book that follows that same script.

Information / consciousness (like light quanta, electrons, atoms . . . . )
is a part of the Universe.
Book: “Why does the world exist?”. By Jim Holt.
“In the other words, maybe all of reality – subjective and
objective – is made out of the same basic stuff. That is pleasingly
simple hypothesis. But isn’t it a bit crazy? Well, it didn’t strike
Bertrand Russell that way. In fact, it was essentially the conclusion
Russell reached in “The Analysisof Matter”. Nor did it strike
the great physicist Sir ArthurEddington as craze. In “The Nature
of the Physical World” (192, Eddington ringingly declared that
“the stuff of the world is mind-stuff.” . . . . . “Craze or not, the idea
that the fundamental stuff of reality is mind-stuff has one very odd
implication. If it is true, then consciousness must pervade all of
physical nature. Subjectiveexperience would not be confined to the
brains like us; it would be present in every bit of matter: in big things
like galaxies and black holes, in the little things like quarks and
neutrinos, and in medium-sized like flowers and rocks.”
/page 193/
“The doctrine that consciousnesspervades reality is called
“panpsychism”. . . . . . . Itseems to harken back to primitive
superstitions like animism - the belief that trees and brooks harbor
spirits. . . . . . Now, .. . .. . But the electrons, protons andneutrons
making up our brains are no different from those making up the rest
of the world. So the entire universemust consist of little bits of
consciousness. . . . .. Consciousness didn’t mysteriously “emerge”
in the universe when certain particles of matter changed to come into
right arrangement; rather, it’s been around from the very beginning,
because those particles themselves are bits of consciousness. “
/page 194/
“ . . . . . Combination Problem: how can many little bitsof mind-stuff
combine to form a bigger mind?” . .. . . “How can many consciousness
be at the same time oneconsciousness?” . . . . . .
What sense does it make, they say, to conjecture that things like electrons
and protons are inwardly mental ifyou have to clue as to how their
micro- mentality gets unified into full- blown human consciousness?
But there are a few intrepid thinkers who claim they do have clue.
And it is supplied, perhaps surprisingly, by quantum theory. One of the
striking novelties of quantum theory is the notion of entanglement.” . . .
. . . Thus does quantum entanglement offer at least a hint of a solution
to the Combination Problem.”
/ page 195/
Roger Penrose himself has invoked such quantum principles to explain
how the physical activities in our brains generate consciousness. In
“Shadows of the Mind” he wrote that “the unity of a single mind can
arise . . . . only if there is some form ofquantum coherence extending
across an appreciable part of the brain.” And he has since gone further,
endorsing the panpsychist notion that the atomic constituents of the brain,
along with the rest of physical universe, are structured out of mind-stuff.
“I think that something of this nature is indeed necessary,”
Penrose announced in a public lecture when the issue came up.” . . . . .
“ So does reality ultimately consist of mind - stuff? Is it no more
(or no less) than an enormous, infinitely convoluted thought, or even dream?
/page 196 /
Book: “Why does the world exist?”. By Jim Holt.


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