"Manitoba" - Old Indian Word Meaning "Flood Plain"

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Global News, July 8th - Climate change will force Manitoba to continue the flood fight in years to come, Emergency Measures Minister Steve Ashton said Tuesday.

Brandon Sun, July 8th - On June 19, 1881, he wrote, "the water started to rise suddenly. The Indians said it had never happened before and that the high water was usually in April."

"Manitoba" - Old Indian Word Meaning "Flood Plain" - Small Dead Animals
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The name derives from Cree manitou-wapow or Ojibwa manidoobaa, both meaning "straits of Manitou, the Great Spirit", a place referring to what are now called The Narrows in the centre of Lake Manitoba.
I like Lake Agassiz better than Manitoba.
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I like Lake Agassiz better than Manitoba.

You're too late.
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In around 20 thousand years, when glacial rebound is finished and the bow wave is gone, Prairie rivers might take their natural courses down the Mississippi