we are a family with 3 kids, 8mth old, 4 year old and 6 year old and possibly making the move to Montreal.

1. Schooling - private / public? is there a huge differences in standard of education (obviously a huge cost difference!)

2. Day care - what age do children start day care / preschool? What are the general costs of preschools?

3. Housing English speaking area - Looking for a great community english speaking area close to schools / shops / gyms etc Ideas???

4. French Lessons - we are not fluent in french but would like to become fluent - Is there some good choices for classes??

5. General costs of living: To live a good lifestyle (ie, 3 kids playing sports, baby sitter costs etc to enjoy going out for dinner, taking holidays and paying for bills etc) what should we expect to be spending each month (i know that is a very wide question depneding on where we live and what schools etc the kids would go to) but just generally.