SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A six-second clip on Chinese state television has provided a rare glimpse into purported cyber hacking attacks launched by the country's military, despite long-standing official denials that the government engages in such activity.

In an episode titled "The Internet storm is here," CCTV-7, China's official military channel, had experts discussing the different methods of cyberattacks and U.S. cyber operations. (CCTV.com)
About halfway through the 20-minute episode, a user is seen operating a cursor on a screen that displays two options, a "www denial-of-service attack" and "distributed denial-of-service attack." A denial-of-service attack is a basic hacking attack that brings down a website by spamming it with data.
Chinese state TV shows military cyber hacking clip | Sympatico.ca Sync.ca

I don't think this is a surprise to anyone.