Good source for the home cook?

My kids and I have to eat gluten-free, so I have to make all my convenience foods from scratch. For example, if my kids want chicken nuggets, I first have to bake the bread so I can grind it down for breadcrumbs. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen by suburban housewife standards, but not anything near what anyone here does. I enjoy cooking but it's been really hard on my back and feet. I have tile floors and just regular sneakers.

I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation on either a good supportive brand of sneakers, or a relatively inexpensive professional resource.


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Purchasing a couple of anti-fatigue mats are certainly in order especially where you do most of your standing/prep. I don't allow tennies in the kitchen, not only are most not slip resistant but there is just not the support you need for standing.
I don't encourage professional shoes at home because they seem to take to long to break in. I always make an annual trip to a good shoe store and inquire what the surgeons are wearing. In my neck of the woods they are still wearing a pro style Rockport which is what I wear in my home kitchen. See the site for best ingredients. I hope more persons will pop on for this is a GREAT question.
A good thick mat on floor will do wonders for your feet and back. I have tiled floors and have a small rug that I kick around from sink to prep counter all the time. Plus I wear a good set of hard soled slippers. I actually have fallen arches and wear custom fit orthotics (400$ a pair (good thing for work benefits)). Would a bread maker cut down on prep/cooking/standing time. My food processor does great bread crumbs for a 15$CDN unit. A foot doctor should be consulted to see if there are any real medical issues with your feet or back. Other than that there are many foot insoles and shoe inserts available at local drugstore. If you do have flat feet, fallen arches or back issues, store bought stuff may not work. I was in agony every day after work till I got cast custom orthotics.
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This might help.

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