Special Diet For The Diabetes

Diet Diabetes

1) First: To take the juice from 1/2 liter of grapefruit or the cooking of two grapefruits (cut with rind and everything)
2) Breakfast: To eat a salad of fruits, mainly peach tree, alternatively accompanied by almonds, bilberries, chestnut, bitter melon, raspberry, nut, maraņon, banana, apple, datil, papaya and/or pine apple; there been dew with lemon juice. /to eat arandino. /Salad of fruits low of sugar: 1 apple without seeds, ž lima and Water with Gas/Soya/to take juices from carrot, celery, parsley, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, endives, coles of Brussels, green frijoles , watercresses; you can combine them until of three/beer leavening
3) Lunch/Dinner : To eat salad of artichokes, alternatively accompanied of carrots, celery, garlic, onions, puerro, tomato, parsley, palta, lettuce and/or cucumber, sprinkled with a little olive oil or fish/Juice of a little of spinach and 4-5 carrots without leaves/to eat salad of beet, celery, beets and carrot sprinkled with fish oil/to eat blue fish/frijoles mung, cases of beans or frejoles/beer leavening/mush of zapallo /berenjena with lemon/
4) Between meals and before sleeping: To take water of time DIABUTA

(to see medicinasnaturistas.com)
Not much meat in there. Vegan and diabetic?

Hi my friend donīt worry because you donīt have to eat every thing in the list itīs only what you prefer.
Take care
And donīt forget to visit the web


What's DIABUTA ???

Throw in a little KIWI FRUIT too.
My god is this meant to replace insulin injections?

Oh please....

Se Habla Espanol anyone?

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