Low Fat Recipes

You've been hanging around Canadians too long your starting to talk like one, eh. Having them all together saves time. Should be able to gleen a few recipes outta the bunch. My favourite pies are apple and mincemeat. Jack Kerouac says you can live on black coffee and apple pie. Who am I to argue. My mum made the best mincemeat pies. My dad's second wife had to search high and low through my mum's friends to find the recipe she used and lots of practice to get it tasting exactly right. Chocolate cake is not a luxury, it is a necessity. I would rather die than live without some sort of chocolate fix. I can do without booze, cigarettes and maybe (?) pot but I gotta have chocolate. If you can bake you can do anything, culinary arts wise.
I like butterscotch......I've made the pudding from scratch .........top with sprincles and make a toasted coconut crust.

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