what do you eat when you watch sports?

surf girl
I believe watching sports is a lot better with some good snacks, at least some popcorn if i didnt have time to prepare something in advance.
does anyone have a favourite snack for this kind of events?
coffee and cigarettes.
surf girl
yeah well the coffee i agree. cigarettes, not all the time for me
At home: Chocolate covered almonds and diet coke.

At the game: Dodger dogs or nachos with coke (or frozen malts at the Angels games). I love baseball games!
Some lactose free pizza, chips, water or alcohol.
Personally, I do not enjoy watching sports. I do not find sporting events to be very entertaining. Instead, I prefer to snack on the argument of those who say there is something wrong with me if I don't like sports. It's my choice, and I prefer to spend my time watching other things, more productive things, like what's happening around me.

Although, I will say that popcorn is one of my preferred snacks... even if I don't watch sports.
For watching sports outdoors:
Please don't eat sunflower seeds. I know they are yummy but I hate getting sprayed by all the jackasses that spit the shells everywhere. It's gross to have people spitting all over the ground. Go for peanuts, pretzels, or popcorn.
After heart attack, fondue. I use a beef boullion with tenderloin chunks and offer a Bearnaisse sauce also shrimp with side Thai sauce and cauliflower with melted margarine and herbs. Put on coffee table in front of TV. Washed down with wine, beer or sparkling juices. Before heart attack, cheesie puffs, Timbits and Doritos.
I like nachos and veggie platters.

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