The fairy tale of Americanism

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I’d agree that there has been a degree of “openness” historically but it’s suffered after 9/11. That said if you think for a moment that the people of America got the straight goods on the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or were given the truth about WMD in Iraq or heard in timely fashion that Reagan and North were conducting business with America’s sworn enemy, or are advised of the details in an enormous number of international “incidents” which have occurred over the years, you’ve been bamboozled I’m afraid.

One of the great strengths of America is seen in incidents like Woodward’s exposure of the Watergate debacle, and it is appropriate given the call for constant vigilance by Jefferson that American’s not simply accept what their government tells them as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Nixon didn’t lie to the American people……yeah OK!

The Bush administrations both H and W have well documented histories of massaging the truth prior to delivery to the masses.

And that’s not absolutely a bad or evil thing. What it does though is (now in spades so to speak) is cast doubt on the veracity of any communiqué coming out of the Whitehouse or the Pentagon.

If you surf the Web and visit the Johnson Library and Museum (to name one) you can find many sites that shed considerable light on the quality and character of the messages the American people are given by their government.

In Canada, Canadians have never enjoyed the latitude given reporters and media to report the news and we pay for our unwitting ignorance continually.

Stephen Harper is of course setting a new benchmark for media manipulation and it may well be a dark day for all Canadians to have this sycophant of industry’s hands on the faucet of government communications.

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Democracies might always damn themselves, their
own people, their own leaders because we can.

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