BBC spin hides the great solar energy fiasco

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"Even the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc) has now realised that the UK has not got much of a bargain for all the billions we have been pouring into solar energy."

you don't say

Much excitement from the BBC last week over a report from a body called REN21 – with the headline on its website “Renewable energy surge reaches record levels round the world”. Global spending on renewables, it trumpeted, last year soared to £200 billion, bringing total investment in the past six years alone to more than £1 trillion.


BBC spin hides the great solar energy fiasco
How unusual. The BBC spinning things and misreporting things in order to continue with its left-wing consensus. The BBC is completely wedded to the climate change scam. The BBC also spins immigration.
Well our ex governor said bad solar investments are good investments... even if they lose billions of taxpayer money in the process.

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