I suppose you could just call......

In Canada, text messages to landlines are converted into voice messages, so friends or family members who don't have a mobile phone can listen on a landline. English and French supported.

Sometimes you may not be in a position to make a phone call but can get a text away quickly. Perhaps all you need to do is relay a short piece of information, you don't need an actual conversation. Personally I think it's handy.

My office voice mail sends a sound file to my email, I get my work email on my smartphone so if anything urgent comes up I can address it, return a call or simply email the caller. My point being that different methods of communication are, at times, more convenient than others.
I've only used this when I have selected a land line by mistake.
I suppose you could just call......

yes, but texting is way less exhausting than yelling to your self-surfing family throughout the house.

I figger
I figure that there are two purposes to communication, one is to actually connect with someone and the other is to relay information. If there are more ways to do either or both, then that's great.

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