Clients must marry prostitutes or face jail

Clients must marry prostitutes or face jail

A municipal lawmaker in Russia’s second-largest city has drafted a bill introducing heavy fines for the clients of prostitutes, but they’ll be forgotten if client agrees to marry the sex worker.

The initiative is from Olga Galkina who represents the pro-business Civil Platform party in the St Petersburg city legislature. She stressed that her bill was in response to the recent suggestion to make prostitution a criminal offence drafted by Vitaly Milonov, known for his anti-gay drive, and other campaigns bordering Christian fundamentalism.

In an interview with business daily Kommersant-St Petersburg Galkina said she wants to change the Russian Administrative Code and introduce fines of between 4000 and 10000 rubles ($95- $240)or up to 5 days of arrest for buying sex services. If clients know that prostitutes had been forced into this business the fines increase to 50-100 thousand rubles ($1200 - $2380) and the terms of administrative arrest to 10 or 15 days. The bill would also see convicted foreign nationals deported immediately after they pay the fines or their time of arrest ends.

The most interesting part of the bill is the possibility for clients to evade punishment altogether if they “marry the person that provided the sex services.”

In the explanatory note attached to the bill Galkina quotes international experience, saying that introducing responsibility for clients had helped to decrease the prostitution rate in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

If the St. Petersburg city legislature approves the bill in two readings it would be sent to the Federal parliament with the possibility to become a national Russian law.

Law experts say that while the purpose of the bill is good it might face difficulties in real life as it would be very difficult to collect proof of the crime.

In further comments with Kommersant-St Petersburg Galkina said that in reality she advocated legalization of prostitution and drafted the controversial bill in order to start a public discussion on the issue.



Oh yeah... they need that in Canada..

Calgary seizes your car and a fine.. marriage sound appropriate.

Upside, she know how to satisfy a fella..
lone wolf
Bet'cha some divorce lawyer came up with this jewel
It would be cheaper to pay the fine.
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Not if the new hubby just put her back to work
Seems to me it would be simpler to just make prostitution legal and taxable. Eliminates pimps and becomes a cash cow.
lone wolf
Common sense makes no sense at all to governments bent on tax collection from any source
I wonder how this meshes with whatever laws St. Pete has on polygamy.
Hey, they're good earners, whasa problem ?

They not, Olga swims the volga.

With concrete slippers

Da !
Stuck around St. Petersburg...
When I thought it was time, for a change
Another nutty idea from one of those fundamentalists. Sexes version of Joseph McCarthy
why can't these folks just mind their own business? They will be around a while to deliver
their stupidity on the law books and disappear into the land of ignorance from which they
No matter how hard repressive people try they cannot stomp out prostitution, illegals gambling
booze, drugs and a host of other social conditions. Eventually sane people put an end to the
rampage of societal anarchy cause that's what it is.
People with their vision of the world willing to force it down everyone's throat. Mostly driven by
some spiritual nonsense.
in Kelowna there is actually a guy running for mayor because Jesus told him too
The moral of the story is this too shall pass
What if the prostitute doesnt want to marry the guy?
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What if the prostitute doesnt want to marry the guy?

Then the guy at least tried and the fines and punishments are rendered null
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What if the prostitute doesnt want to marry the guy?

that was my first thought
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What if the prostitute doesnt want to marry the guy?

Ve shoot her.

h aha ahaha

she marry or she die

lol eh.
She get crush like puny grape.
El Barto
That would be funny to hear your friends say , oh yeah , i love your wife...... several times

Looking at the OP picture , I think it would e more appropriate to put your hand on a calculator instead of a bible when in court
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She get crush like puny grape.

That sounds more like the Incredible Hulk than a movie Russian.