Canadian Universities to raise tuition 25%

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This economic crash is driving down donations to the universities and the federal and provincial cupboards are bare for extra cash so the parents will be asked for more money to the tune of twenty-five percent and that is 25%

The other way they can go is to cut a year off the education experience and you can do that by cutting useless mandatory courses that a person really doesnít need for their chosen careers.

Three years is more than enough training for a student to get what they need to be an asset to any company they join after graduation.

The other way they can save money is start to teach some of the useless mandatory courses in the final year of high school.

Once the universities hear that people are considering these idea they will quickly drop the idea of raising tuition because everybody knows that this is only a ruse to protect a lifestyle.

For the parents that canít afford the 25% raise because their kids are too lazy to get a job, thereís always trade school.
Here's my plan for university education in Canada.

Institute entrance exams, with a rock-solid minimum score for entrance.

Divide the results for each university in thirds.

The top third attends free of any charge.

The middle third attends with a 50% subsidy.

The lower third can attend, but must pay full cost.............

It is time we quit paying out equaling to people that can, and can not "cut the mustard" .....we need to sort out and encourage the best and brightest.

And we need to STOP educating people on the basis of their ability to pay instead of their ability........especially at taxpayer expense.
Free Thinker
That the costs of tuition have outstripped inflation cannot be argued. For example,
in 2008/09, a full course at the University of Alberta was $980.16 or 18.16 times the tuition for the same course in 1963. Inflation should have increased the tuition to only $353.00 or 7.06 times There has been a definite downloading of costs onto students and their families. (Figures from the U of A and Bank of Canada). This downloading is a deterrent even to able students.
The thing is, tuition was very low to begin with. BC had a tuition freeze in place for years in the 90s. So, when the freeze expired, the cost had to rise faster than it would have if not for the freeze. I have a hard time feeling really sorry for Canadian university students. It is much cheaper than south of the border and can be even cheaper if they are willing to do some of all of their degree at smaller universities/colleges.

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