Who's better: Metalica or Black Sabbath?

Both legendary metal bands, who's more talented?
Hmmm that's a pretty good question in many ways

Both broke certain grounds in the "mainstream", Sabbath getting "gothic" metal into a "household name" kind of thing, and Metallica got speed/thrash into the mainstream

Personal preference would be Sabbath with DIO since I never really cared for Ozzys "vocals"

Metallica was Cliff Burton. When he got squashed by that bus, they had one albums worth of Cliff material left (which would be "And justice....") then they were left to make their own stuff up... the albums that came after that proved that Cliff was the ENTIRE band, pretty much the same way that AC/DC sucked the bone after Bonn (SP?) died, they just kept trying to emulate what they used to do when the genius was with them

Despite thinking rather highly of themselves, McTallicas output post mid-80s has been pathetic- case in point that AWFUL "symphony" album, where they got a whole orchestra to basically play chord patterns in 4-4 time and didn't make a single arrangement to actually justify a few dozen people being involved

MAN I wish I had Live Evil here on CD dammit, DIO's interpretations of the "classic" sabbath were second to none

OH and Rainbow kicked all sorts of serious butt, I would take them over either McTallica or Sabbath if given the choice
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Both legendary metal bands, who's more talented?

Okay, Sabbath was cool, but come on, Metallica wrote pure art.
apples to oranges, you can't really compare the two. Both are amazing groups but I wouldn't care to determine who is "better". They both shine in their own right.
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Both legendary metal bands, who's more talented?

Black Sabbath all the way.

No comparision actually.

the runner-up being .....Metalicca(?) lol
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In my own opinion I choose Black Sabbath because to me they are amazing!
Black Sabbath
There wouldn't be a Mettalica without Sabbath, they were the pioneers of heavy metal.
Mettalica was pure crap. Sabbath wrote the book on heavy metal.
Metallica has a good run for a couple of years and then went to crap.... Black Sabbath practically created Heavy Metal.... what Metallica started into...... and Black Sabbath had Ozzy..... who has his own long list of albums and great hits in Heavy Metal. Ozzy is considered as the Godfather of Heavy Metal.

Exactly how can you compare the two?

Black Sabbath can not be compared to, just as you technically can't compare Elvis or Johnny Cash.
sabbath, for reasons already stated

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