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PM: Fly flag on every building

Political Editor
July 04, 2007
The Sun

GORDON Brown last night staged a show of defiance against terrorist killers by ordering ALL government buildings to hoist the British flag.

And he wants every public building from schools to hospitals to follow suit.

The PM is convinced the patriotic gesture will help create a new sense of Britishness — and send out a never-say-die signal to extremists.

But Mr Brown REFUSED to rip up the Human Rights Act despite Britain’s security crisis.

He told MPs it must stay — in a snub to Sun readers who voted overwhelmingly to scrap the Act in our hotline poll.

The PM unveiled his flags plan during his first ever Commons statement as Premier.

He wants Britain to be like the United States, where even private citizens fly the Stars and Stripes in their gardens.

In a document titled The Governance of Britain, he told MPs: “The Union Flag is one of the most recognisable symbols of the UK. In other countries it is regarded as a source of pride.

“The symbols of the UK are among the most recognisable in the world. The government will consult to bring in new measures to change the restrictions on flying the Union Flag.”

Government buildings are able to fly the flag on only 18 days a year.

Mr Brown wants it to flutter in Whitehall and around the country every day.

Schools and other state-owned buildings already have the right to display the flag.

Let the country revere freedom ... we will not be beaten down

But the PM wants ALL to create a sense of national pride by hoisting it all year round.

This is how we would like to see the flag flying across Britain.

A massive 23,919 Sun readers rang our hotline yesterday to demand new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith tear up the hated Human Rights Act.

That amounted to 98 per cent of those who voted. Just 358 people voted against.

We had called for changes after revealing how the Act hampers our security forces’ ability to protect the nation.

From Blackpool to Stonehenge ... fly the flag high

It also prevents police and immigration chiefs from expelling dangerous criminals and would-be terrorists like those who tried to blow up London’s West End and Glasgow Airport.

Security chiefs say it is a scandal that hundreds of illegal immigrants on wanted lists cannot be deported, as courts say it will infringe their human rights.

But the PM said axing the Act would rob British citizens of their “fundamental rights”.

Judges who apply the Act in court would use the European Convention on Human Rights in its place, he told MPs.

Instead, he wants a new Bill of Rights which he says will stop judges using the HRA to turn justice on its head.

Tory leader David Cameron has promised a similar Bill of Rights — but says he would scrap the HRA altogether.

He fumed: “Surely at this most serious of times, why can’t we have greater clarity on the Human Rights Act?”

Mr Brown also ruled out giving the people a referendum on the new EU treaty.


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