Woman gets 4 years for burning boyfriend's penis


Canadian Press

MONTREAL - A Montreal woman who used fondue fuel to set her late boyfriend's penis on fire has been sentenced to four years in prison.

The Crown says taking into account time already served, Andree Rene will have to remain incarcerated for another 30 months.

Crown attorney Steeve Lariviere said today the 44-year-old woman also needs follow-up help for her psychological and alcohol problems. advertisement OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1')

In April 2001, Rene's boyfriend went to bed following a heated argument between them.

As Guillaume Pungo snoozed, Rene doused the man's private parts with fuel and set them aflame.

The 52-year-old spent a month in hospital after suffering third-degree burns in the pelvic area and on his chest.

Lariviere also says Pungo, who died last year of unrelated causes, had difficulty getting into relationships after what happened.
wow... that is funny in a way.

But not... as a man, that makes me hurt just thinking about it.

I am glad she got 4 years.

And you better believe he would have trouble getting into relationships after that!
It's not the sentence I am interested in. I am glad that she is required to get psychological help and help for her alcoholism. I think that is a very positive thing to come from it all.
A year for each inch.
Quote: Originally Posted by snfu73 View Post

It's not the sentence I am interested in. I am glad that she is required to get psychological help and help for her alcoholism. I think that is a very positive thing to come from it all.

Your a restorative justice person, your probably the type of person, who would like to see councilling, rehab, and other social programs to deal with crime and no prison. Alot of people have your mentality.

But, that doesn't mean your way is right... alot of people belive the punishment should fit the crime and a fair prison time must be done.

Canada takes a middle-of-the-road approach. We give low-to-average prison sentences and include rehab and social programs for them to attend while they are in prison.

I believe in that.. if a person has a short time to serve in prison give them rehab/social councilling and education so they can re-enter society as a different person.

But for murder, arson, kiddnapping, grand theft, rape, sexual offenses, we can't take these councilling and feel good options, we have to sentence major offenders to big time in prison.

And if a person is going to never get out, or get out in their old age, the gov. shouldn't waste money reforming them, when they get out they'll probably be dead or too old to do anything.

Your ideology is agreeable to everyone to a point, but when it comes to major offenses, most people break off from your stance.

Another issue I have is when we are wasting money to cloth, feed, and shelter these people: They should have NO ENTERTAINMENT. You don't deserve television, you don't deserve internet, you don't deserve reading material, you lost that right when you broke the law, for lesser offenses we'll reform you and educate you, but if your a lifer, you are in no rights to media, you lost that when you took that life, or raped that child, etc.

That angers me..... the media in prison factor... oh, and also the fact they get to vote.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kreskin View Post

A year for each inch.

lol, good one!
For me, I guess, I have suffered from mental illness all of my life. I mean, I have been very lucky...it hasn't led me to a prison cell. But, I think too often people just want to throw the "bad guy" in jail...and I don't believe that is necessarily the productive thing to do. I think, definitly, there is a place for prisons. I think that not enough emphasis is put on research, on psychiatry, on figuring out what happens to get people to the point where they are burning guys dicks, etc. I think more money, and more time has to be put into these things. To just lock people up isn't helping anyone. To understand people, to help people out, especially if they are sick, in an attempt to get them better, and not doing crazy stuff is good. So, prison has a place, I won't say that. And, I am not saying her sentence was wrong or right. What I AM saying is that I am pleased that part of the conditions were manditory help...to get in with the people who can help her if she is ill...and it sounds like she may be.
Wow, I respect your thoughts.

I mean 100% if someone is not normal mentally, they should not be thrown in a jail with the keys locked.. but if they are a danger to themselves and others.. yeah, but then they should be given help.

Prison is to protect the general public from dangerous law breakers.

if someone is mentally unstable they should be given councilling and getting help, but they shouldn't me immune from prison, because they could be a threat to me, you, and themselves.

But here is where the iffy part comes in: when people play on "temporary insanity", we always get those cases when the defense lawyers play the "insanity card". But that has to be decided fairly by the jury.

I believe if a person has had a minor offense:

some jail time
social programs

If someone had major offense (rape, murder, etc.):

LENGTHY prison sentences
no rehab/councilling/social programs
no education

If they have done something that dangerous to the population they should be kept away.

If its a major offense my somone mentally unstable

mandatory prison sentence
social programs
**evaluations, for after their mandatory serving phase, they should be evaluated to see if they are still or no longer a threat to themselves or others.

But my issue is rehab/councilling/education/social programs can't be the only sentence given to normal people, in most minor/major offenses some jail time has to be given out

Big factor is though:

No media in prison
no voting privillages

You have your rights until you take the rights away from others.
Wait, if you have strong Christian values how can you not favour pure rehabilitation? Punishment is just Vengeance, which is a sin. Rehabilitation is meant to help everyone.

If you are opposed to revenge (a sin) how can you be for punishment for punishments sake?

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