those of you who missed me terribly will be happy to know i arrived safely in high level just a few minutes ago. I'm staying at a motel for a couple of days and then heading to my new home. I'll set up computer and start being an argumentative sod again
Welcome back hermanntrude.
welcome back, hows the weather there, bet its not raining like it is here in the uk for a change lol
Now don't you be stealing any towels or other stuff. Good luck getting settled in.
Argumentative? Hardly.

Welcome back!

Try to made a mini vacation for yourself while in transition and keep the positives flowing into your head....

We've cleaned out the cracker crumbs and old crumpled up documents you left behind.... your place at the table is tidy and waiting for you.......

We eagerly await more of your thoughts....and best wishes on a successful journey into a new chapter of your life.
We drove up to fox lake (crazy roads) yesterday. Arrived with only minor whiplash and settled down into the new home. This morning it snowed for the first time this year. I am busy meeting people etc. Still no time for full participation in the usual discussions. Hopefully i'll have the computer set up (via sattelite!) soon, but it involves attaching it to a plug which i dont recognise, so may need me to buy an adaptor or card i don't yet have.

meanwhile i'll stay in touch when i can. Also i'll havesome photos uploaded soon too. the land round here looks like the surface of mars sometimes

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