This is a happy thread for happy thoughts.

I think it's been a dark day on CC so I am starting a happy thread tell me what makes you happy? No meaness allowed, or Haggis wil rip you to shreads using Dexter's cats.

Now I will spread some Sunshine: This could take a while. Um, Chicken wings make me happy, but then again so will a bottle of wine.
Haggis McBagpipe
Good idea, Missy Sassy Lassie. Everybody seems to be feeling out-of-sorts today, and it is time to relax a bit.

So, I'll tell you what makes me happy. The fact that, if I should so choose, I can just lock each thread in politics until everybody takes a deep breath and goes back to attacking the issues instead of each other.

<<< See? It made me happy just thinking about it. Imagine the happiness if I actually do it.
It would make me happy if everyone blew each other a kiss. Come on boys act like men and give kisses. Blockem and smackem, a new motto for the forum Haggis.
I'm happy because my wife just got back from Canada.

And she brought me beer!
I am happy because Brokeback Mountain is done downloading, so as soon as I go home this evening I am gonna watch me some popcorn-warranting movie magic.

Of course, by downloading, I mean that I already own a legal copy, and as per Canadian law I am authorized to have a downloaded version for archival purposes only. Of course.
I think not
Of course you do Five, we all know that. Try and keep your hands on the keyboard when you watch it eh?
Here is the new record I bought!

Here I am, ready for it to play! This is going to be fun, and all my friends are here!

Here is ITN and I dancing to the new record....what Joy!

He can be a bit crazy sometimes....but I don't mind!

I do have to straighten him out sometimes though...

But we share everything!

The phone bill!

Fearful times..

Even Christmas!

Sometimes....well I can't talk about that!


im happy because after an ill fated nerve wracking day of sticking electrodes into rats brains to try and figure out how the hippocampus works i can sip two glasses of red wine, jack up rage against the machine at rocket launch levels and successfully delude myself that truth and justice will prevail.
Fear not Cortez, have two more glasses of red wine and I assure you Goodness, and Justice will prevail. I have made it my night's mission to turn Recent Post into a happy place.
The thought of me going home and watching One Tree Hill Season One DVD's is what brings amusent and joy into my life. I am just that sad.
What is One Tree Season?
One Tree Hill is a television show on the WB.
What kind of show is it Cortez?
I think YOU'VE had the two glasses of wine, Sassy--- or was that a Freudian slip that you were thinking of me.....THIRD DIMENSION was talking about the show, not me......

I feel happy because Sassy is thinking about me....
Nope no wine, just a hot chocolate. It's the peepers, Sassy didn't have her glasses on.
My particle accellerator and the aluminum tubes came in the mail today so I,m very happily assembling a Dark Industrys project. I have scraped the radium off eleven-hundred glow in the dark chinese watches, if all goes according to plan you will see a huge ball off light in the east later this evening.
Can you give me the ETA so I can stay up and watch Beaver.

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