Jesse Winchester, an American singer-songwriter who moved to Montreal in the 1960s to dodge the Vietnam War draft, died in his sleep Friday morning at the age of 69 after a lengthy illness.

Born in Louisiana and raised in Tennessee, Winchester developed his musical talent while living in Montreal. He often played at a hotel in Morin Heights, Que., run by several Tennessee transplants during the 1970s.​

"We got to present him in Montreal four times since 2006. I looked forward to him visiting and coming back every time. It was kind of like an uncle coming to visit," said Matt Large​, organizer of the Montreal Folk Music Festival.

"He was just a sweet, kind, super impressive human being."

Winchester released several albums in the 70s, but was unable to tour in the United States.


Jesse Winchester, musician and draft-dodger, dead at 69 - Montreal - CBC News