I've been following your posts for a bit and, as someone who's been (thankfully) blown apart a couple of times myself, I read your recent posts and kept returning to what I know is true, which that we invite pain when we deny the facts. You're a smart man. You will never convince me, however eloquently you write, that you weren't aware of what lay before you and what it offered -- both good and bad.


The above is post from the Huffington Post. The writer is replying to the complaints of one of the writer-creators of the ABC show Brothers and Sisters.

I like that show, and wanted to know when the next new episode was coming, so I google for info and find out the creator has left the show during the writers' strike.

But that line, "we invite pain when we deny the facts," rung my tuning fork.

Is that always the better way of explaining why we feel pain, as opposed to the more prosaic explanation that we simply are in great disagreement with the facts?
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