Smoking doesn't slim girls; stunts boys' growth

CTV News
A Canadian study finds although smoking rates in teenagers are going down, teenaged girls are still lighting up at alarming rates.

I think this article is complete bull. As a smoker and someone who successfully quit on Zyban for 6 months, I know I gained weight and had more of an appetite after I quit smoking. After lapsing, my appetite significantly decreased going back to smoking. A perfect example is having a cigarette after dinner and having a much less desire for dessert afterwards.

I can only say that smoking decreases your appetite.. I would imagine that smoking less would decrease your desire for food and therefore modify your body's ability to gain weight. Can someone confirm this?
The issue for me is why do young girls have such poor self esteem? The media floods us with skinny models and scrawny actresses and the young females suffer from the images of these starving females. Perhaps the funds used on studies like the one above would be better spent on promoting healthy eating and exercise.
I wouldn't think smoking has any relationship to poor self-esteem in girls. The boldest who-gives-a-flying-phuck girls in this area are smokers and they aren't squeamish or lacking in the least in thinking they are God's gift to the local boys. And perhaps they are. Would money given to such studies was put to better use!

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