CBC Marketplace does Hatchet Job on Spray Foam Insulation Companies

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Last Thursday a CBC article came out against spray foam companies in Canada and focused entirely on the negative. It gathered its news and facts from two disenchanted homeowners who were victims of an improper installation.
Spray foam insulation can make some homes unlivable - CBC News - Latest Canada, World, Entertainment and Business News

This article doesn't once praise spray foam product for being the best choice for homeowners in terms of R-value and the impact it can have on your hydro bills. It doesnt mention that you can put a smaller furnace in your home if you have spray foam insulated walls...

The same day that article came out, I was out following around a spray foam insulation company in Toronto and I wrote about the guys, and what they do, and how they do it on my Fuel Ghoul blog about spray foam insulation. The numbers support them - this is progress to benefit all mankind, and not a scam or bad science.

It would be a shame to see a badly written CBC Marketplace piece damage their business and send consumers back to fiberglass bats, or blow-in cellulose which are inferior solutions in terms of science and efficacy.
I remember when Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation became the new best way to insulate until it got banned and removed from anywhere it was applied.......

Canadian Prohibition of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation - Health Canada
From the link.
How is this a hack job.

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found that for some homeowners, a “green” way to make their houses more energy efficient has left them out in the cold.

The growing popularity of spray polyurethane foam insulation may be creating an emerging problem in Canada. While the majority of spray foam installations occur without incident, problems can be costly and difficult to repair, and have led to a string of lawsuits in the U.S. as homeowners attempt to recover costs.

When installed incorrectly, spray foam insulation can result in a strong, unpleasant fishy smell from off-gassing that has driven some people from their homes, some complaining of difficulty breathing and other health problems. When contractors fail to address installation problems, homeowners can have little recourse.

Not all green claims are false, however, says Schuts. When installed correctly, spray foam can significantly increase the energy efficiency of a house. And unlike other kinds of insulation, which can settle, spray foam insulation lasts longer and resists deterioration.However, the Marketplace investigation has discovered that some contractors may be emphasizing “green” claims while neglecting to provide customers with proper safety information, including telling people to stay out of the house during and after spraying. If this advice is not given or followed, exposure to the chemicals can cause serious health problems.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "exposures to [spray foam insulation (SPF)’s] key ingredient, isocyanates, and other SPF chemicals in vapors, aerosols, and dust during and after installation can cause asthma, sensitization, lung damage, other respiratory and breathing problems, and skin and eye irritation."
Possibly the Original Poster has an interest in the biz, which I feel for him but I have always looked at this 'spray foam technique' as something to be wary of because of the UFFI disaster..........
It's gotta be good if it's green.

Nothing wrong with it iif done properly.

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