The Arctic Monkeys prevented British supermodel Kate Moss and her junkie boyfriend, Babyshambles lead singer Pete Doherty, from standing at the side of the stage during this year's Glastonbury Festival. Friends, relatives and acquaintances of the supergroup were allowed at the sides of the stage as they performed.

The Arctic Monkeys, unlike many other rock groups, are famous for being polite to their fans. Lead singer Alex Turner usually bows to the crowd at the end of a performance.

The boys, regarded by many as probably the best British band since The Clash, just couldn't bear having a couple of drug addicts up on stage with them.

Arctics freeze out Kate & Pete

June 25, 2007
The Sun

Polite: The Arctic Monkeys act like English gentlemen towards their fans - and couldn't stomach having Kate Moss and Pete Doherty on stage with them

ARCTIC MONKEYS left Glastonbury caners KATE MOSS and PETE DOHERTY out in the cold at their gig.

The band insisted on clearing the backstage area of riff-raff beforehand — and that included the potty pair.

Pete and Kate wanted a position on a platform that would give them a clear view of the band, including frontman ALEX TURNER.

But while PAUL WELLER, THE VIEW and JO WHILEY were waved through, the junkie and the supermodel were kept out.

An onlooker said: “The Arctics wanted to pick and choose who they had standing behind them and they obviously didn’t want them there.

“When they turned up at the set with about five pals, a Scouse bouncer told them to get lost. Kate and Pete were fuming and ended up sat at the back of the stage.

“But in the end they went to the backstage bar and started snogging the face off each other.”

Earlier in the day, Kate’s pal SADIE FROST popped by BABYSHAMBLES’ camper van to say hi.

But like STELLA McCARTNEY, who was with sister MARY, she avoided being around Kate when she was with Pete.

Babyshambles are a punk/Britpop band from London

Kate seemed paranoid about her appearance when she left the van, where Pete and his Babyshambles boys were holed up.

She kept tilting her head up and asking friends, “Is my face straight?” I wonder what she was checking.

And the camper was the focus of a couple of other incidents. Pete and Kate locked out the furious band while they had a love-in.

And there was another skirmish when the KLAXONS called after hearing Kate was a big fan. A source said: “Pete must have got a bit of the green-eyed monster and physically threw them off.”

PETE DOHERTY'S mum Jacqui, who was there to see his gig, revealed he has a long way to go before kicking drugs. She told me: “Pete’s not ready to give up yet. He will have to hit rock bottom before he can rise up again.”