Also, a Happy New Year

I can only hope that I enjoy future spankings
from Peapod, buy a Euro from neocon-hunter,
support Colpy more often, try to have a love
sandwich with Reverend Blair and Hugo Chavez,
not upset Ocean Breeze, blather on in riddles to
jjw1965, encourage Moghrabi to replace headache
medicine and cigarettes with Makers Mark (one ice cube)
while he reads my crap, and finally stumble
on to a theory that proves our lives are what
we think we deserve but if we love ourselves
more than just that we might reach the stars.

And for all the rest of you Master Debaters, I want
to announce the creation of a new cabinet office
in the World Court of Opinion: The New Pissed Office.

Not rain, nor snow, nor cold of night
will stop the delivery of these epistles of love.

And headquarters where?

Right here, ladies and germs.

Right here.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!
Some feeling and relationship seem beyond all hope.
Yet through the power of his spirit,God can bring New life .

So i pray that Year 2006 will be a Grate Year for everyone

Merry Xmas And Happy New Year

anyone feel can message me

this is my yahoo ID badmus2425

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