Does this Freak anyone else out?

He must be away from the WiFi he leeches.
Nothing 'Conservative' at all about keeping an eye on Russia. Putin has repeatedlycand openly stated that he wished the. USSR c/w mass murders,gulags, and poverty still existed. Without the west holding against the Soviets im 1945+ here in Canada we would all be speaking Russian or Chinese.

Maybe you would prefer that? You are free to move anytime you wish.

Either you are incredibly ill informed about the Cold War era or...........
Curious Cdn
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What! Me worry?
Big brother and Daddy Coolio.
ONLY Hillary and wiener and all those now KNOWN child sex fiend pizzagate FREAKS running around ( READ THE IG REPORT!!!) would be worried about russians at this point in the game.
(Oh hi CC didn't see you lurking there... )

Say, what bunch of RACIST religious dummies invented communism in the first place?

Maxine Waters: 'You better shoot straight'

Hmmm...sounds like someone's communist master needs a heroin refill in the vein in the butt cheek.
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