What the hell is Egg Nog? (Egg Nod)

Saw a picture of it on the Christmas party thread- is it really as disgusting as it looks?
Reverend Blair
It's kind of like phlegm. The best way to drink it is with massive amounts of rum and many spices. A better strategy than that is to stick with beer.
Nice description- I don't think I'll try it- maybe better to stick to just the rum part!!
Reverend Blair
An excellent idea. I don;t know where these ideas for odd drinks come from...some bizarre marketing plan I guess.
Just the Facts
The Reverand is pulling your leg, except for the part about MASSIVE amounts of Rum and spices

The closest example I can think of is like Bailey's Irish Cream. Or chocolate milk, but with Rum instead of chocolate
Two words about egg nog,and that's all you need to know-Extremely Fattening!
Seems to be quite the same as our "Eierpunsch".

You can get it usually at Christmas-Markets here in Germany; I don't like it.
You can get it with or without alcohol, ("with or without shot")
When it says "Grandma's style" then it usually means that there's a GOOD shot of rum in it *hicks* hehehe
Rick van Opbergen
My grandma used to like egg nod - about the same as "advocaat" here - a lot. I don't like it either. But I don't know whether egg nod is the same as I think it is.
Reverend Blair
It's truly horrid stuff. Plus we don't even know what noggs are, probably some endangered species, and we're using their eggs as mix? That just doesn't seem right to me.
I don't know where it comes from either...but I have a theory.

We know captains of ships would dilute rum to make grogg. One day, one of theses fine vessels made there way home to Canada. The sailors, of course made their way into the nearest tavern. So the bartender would hear the sailors say "I'll have a Grogg, eh ?" The next would add by saying " Grogg, eh? "

Now a naive, unsuspecting landlubber with a speech impediment, a teatottler, mistakenly walked into the bar at precisely the right to " Eh,grogg, eh, grogg ,eh grogg..." ( there were many sailors). Thinking that something with eggs in it couldn't possibly have alcohol in it decided to try one.

He went up to the bartender and asked for what he heard ( remember his speech affliction) " I'll have an Eggnog please."

A hush fell over the bar...followed by uproarious laughter. The bartender,seeing how it amused his patrons...started to call it Eggnog. To this day it is called eggnog.

Another Christmas quasi fable...
by The Christmas Pirate..
here's 2 recipes


6 seperated
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 quarts thick cream
1 1/4 tumblers whiskey, brandy or rum
Dashes of cinnamon or nutmeg

Beat egg yolks and sugar together until they are senseless (or lemon-colored). Set aside while you beat the egg-whites stiff followed by some harshly thrashed cream. Dump all this into the yokes along with your choice of liquor. Then chill.


Basic Non-alcoholic Eggnog
12 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 quart cream
to taste vanilla
dash of nutmeg

Seperate eggs at room temp. Beat yolks till creamed with about half of sugar, whites till peaked then add other half of sugar. Beat cream till stiff. Then fold all together. Add vanilla to taste - but remember that a little bit of vanilla goes a long way.

Place into containers keep in refrigerator
for at least one day. Shake before serving.

Yeah Pemmican, it is the same as Eierpunsch in Germany. It's also very fattening, but I had this stuff from the SAQ last year that was alcoholic premixed.. It wasn't too bad
Sounds nasty!! I hate Advocaat so I would imagine Egg Nog will also fall in to the spawn of Satan catagory.
Rick van Opbergen
I don't know whether eggnog and advocaat are the same, Emma, but I looked it up in the dictionary and according to the dictionary, egg nod is more or less the same as advocaat.

The history of Eggnog.

No Nog Eggs are used.
Well...it says it comes from England but I've never seen or had or been offered any EggNog. I still sounds horrid- I'm sticking with Wine, vodka, gin, brandy or whisky (or a combination of them all!!!) No EggNog for me!
well maybe it's similar to the bagpipes.

England gave eggnog as a gift to the America's as a joke, just like the Irish gave the Scottish bagpipes?
That sounds about right actually...what have America given us though??
Rick van Opbergen
Oh and KFC- so basically we can classify that as obesity!!
Rick van Opbergen
Well, English food has always been rather fat, not? With or without the American influences.
I suppose we have fish and chips- but our most popular dish is now Chicken Tikka Massala!!! It is nice though. We seem to prefer foreign foods, in fact it's my works Christmas party tomorrow might and we're having Thai food!!

Chicken Tikka Massala!!!

hmmmmmmmmmmm *drool*

I love Indian food.
I love Indian, Chinese and Thai...NOT Eggnog!! (I think)


*drool* STOP THAT!!!!

I love Thai,, and Schzuan chinese.....God I'm hungry!
I love indians and teepee's in the summertime, we lie around and scratch our flies. The only nog I know is a razor faced ferengie on some second class space opera. He runs a low class bar in the forbidden zone, he might serve egg nog, I wouldn't know, I can't afford the prices. And ever since the movie aliens, I have been off eggs.
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who couddnt
Rick van Opbergen
You don't like egg nod sj007?
lol @ sj!!! haha
no i dont like it ... i luv it

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