Religious man .

A religious man does not seek God. The religious man is concerned with the transformation of society, which is himself. The religious man is not the man that does innumerable rituals, follows traditions, lives in a dead, past culture, explaining endlessly the Bible, endlessly chanting, or taking sannyasa - that is not a religious man; such a man is escaping from facts. The religious man is concerned totally and completely with the understanding of society, which is himself. He is not separate from society. Bringing about in himself a complete, total mutation means complete cessation of greed, envy, ambition; and therefore he is not dependent on circumstances, though he is the result of circumstance - the food he eats, the books he reads, the cinemas he goes to, the religious dogmas, beliefs, rituals, and all that business. He is responsible, and therefore the religious man must understand himself, who is the product of society that he himself has created. Therefore, to find reality he must begin here, not in a temple, not in an image - whether the image is graven by the hand or by the mind. Otherwise, how can he find something totally new, a new state?
Hi China interesting essay here...

The "religious" man you describe - I see as a man in search of religion - not "religious" per se.

The truly religious have none of those trappings other than what others wish to place on him - but he moves about his world free of encumbrance and is in touch with spiritual impetus only. His life and survival is not a matter of necessary guarantee - for only the quality of the life being experienced "now" is of import and necessity.

So the man in your essay would be on a pilgimage into religion - having not quite arrived.
Please observe your own mind, observe your own life. Because if you do not understand your life—the misery, the unhappiness, the constant battle of your life, of your everyday existence—you cannot go very far. You may talk about religion vs being religious ,you may talk about God, or about love, you may talk about beauty— but they have no validity at all. To go very far you must begin very close. And the closest thing to you is yourself; there you must begin. And that,s what my previous post is all about .
What is the religious mind? The scientist in his laboratory is really a scientist; he is not persuaded by his nationalism, by his fears, by his vanities, ambitions, and local demands; there, he is merely investigating. But outside the laboratory, he is like anybody else with his prejudices, with his ambitions, with his nationality, with his vanities, with his jealousies, and all the rest of it. Such a mind cannot approach the religious mind. The religious mind does not function from a center of authority, whether it is accumulated knowledge as tradition, or it is experience - which is really the continuation of tradition, the continuation of conditioning. The religious spirit does not think in terms of time, the immediate results, the immediate reformation within the pattern of society. …The religious mind is not a ritualistic mind; it does not belong to any church, to any group, to any pattern of thinking. The religious mind is the mind that has entered into the unknown, and you cannot come to the unknown except by jumping; you cannot carefully calculate and enter the unknown. The religious mind is the real revolutionary mind, and the revolutionary mind is not a reaction to what has been. The religious mind is really explosive, creative - not in the accepted sense of the word creative, as in a poem, decoration, or building, as in architecture, music, poetry, and all the rest of it - it is in a state of creation."

The religious mind does not belong to any group, any sect, any belief, any church, any organized circus; therefore it is capable of looking at things directly and understanding things immediately. Such is the religious mind, because it is a light to itself. Its light is not lit by another
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LOL China

You had me going there and I wandered off to give some thought....came back and you had done some reconstruction..... which is now giving me another set of things to think on.....

I need more coffee ....
In my opinion,

A seeker of the truth is a seeker of wisdom, as wisdom comes from God.

I'm not convinced that deeds alone will allow a person to find truth, but in the doing of the deeds provides reflection of one's self and his / her relationship to his fellow man and Creation. At the end of the day, we are just men, mortal and insecure.

Wisdom is the key.
Northboy : At the end of the day, we are just men, mortal and insecure.
Wisdom is the key
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________
Well Northboy ,word of advice ,....."you are what you think you are" so talk for your self , your key doesn't fit anything.
China, excellent last post! Concise and sweetly pithy. Yr gettin' better! I was getting tired of buying Excedrin!

Hasn't China the most fantastic inquisitive mind ? I wonder how he can sleep with all that going on !!
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Northboy : At the end of the day, we are just men, mortal and insecure.
Wisdom is the key
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Well Northboy ,word of advice ,....."you are what you think you are" so talk for your self , your key doesn't fit anything.

Point taken....Thanks for the correction, I can use all the help I can get...
Northboy :I can use all the help I can get...

Me too Northboy.
L Gilbert
I guess no atheist could ever be wise.
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Northboy :I can use all the help I can get...

Me too Northboy.

Lets talk and get to know each other, I would like that very much...
where are you North boy
A little town in Central British Columbia named Vanderhoof.
Is that on Cariboo Trail?
It's approx. 90 KM west of Prince George...on the way to Prince Rupert..

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If you click on Northboy, you will find someone stuck a link to my blog I tried to start as an outreach called Reinvent the Village. It might give you a little insight into me..


Are you feeling pressure?
“Religious man”

Yes, a time old subject, declaring its self by many definitions.

What a religious man is, is determined by what set of belief structures and circumstances one was brought up in.

For example, let’s take a man or woman born to a tribe of people in the deep heart of Africa who have no ties to the outside world, but exist solely on their own environment with their own belief system or structure, and who have not the slightest clue to who God really is.

The one adhering to that belief structure passionately is the religious man of its time.

I define religion as a search for a higher intelligent source to which, our spirit can relate to, for a source of comfort while n a hellish environment.

One can say then , that one, is limited to the degree of spiritual-ness one has available at the time.

If: as you “china”say, it is the searching out of all our humanness, then with the amount (degree) of passion you devote to it, makes you a religious man of the sorts.

For others could care less, making them non-religious.

My studies and understandings, based on my religious up-bringing, and the studies (searching’s) that I have devoted to, on my own behalf, have concluded in my gaining knowledge and understanding through experience of who and what God is in my life.(Not in anybody's else's life)

I can say, by observation that a man who goes to a casino to gamble regularly, that, that man gambles religiously.

By the same token, a man who tries to honor his or her beliefs, (what ever those beliefs may be) passionately, is considered to be a religious man or woman.

So, can we discriminate simply by observation, by the degree of passion that others excercise in their beliefs, and say that they are “A religious man or woman”? By whoose standards?

Where is the line drawn? Who draws the line of definition? Whose line is it anyway?

Here are some answers: if all are concluded as being under some penalty, and by that same penalty, all are condemned: then it only stands to reason, that all are under the same condition.

And again, if all are relieved (liberated) from that penalty and condemnation, then, what is left for us to do?

The answer to that last question is: to what or who does one honor in degree, to the liberty by which one was made free; and how do we behave in respect to that?

It therefore behooves those of us who do have the knowledge and understandings of the true God to introduce this true God to the rest of the world, by exercising those attributes of that God in revelation of that God: in us.

Requiring nothing of them but to believe.

If the introduction of that true God, by us, was demonstrated with that God’s attributes, then that God is responsible for changing the lives of those to whom it calls.

We are instruments yes, but that’s it! Instruments of a higher being, A God of demonstration, and that demonstrated is LOVE.


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