European Union will fail

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Watch out which wagon you decide to hook your horse up too. The so called European Union is in the process of failing miserably. There are signs that it will soon break apart, the idea was good but they couldn't break away from the concept of nationality.,9171,1967702,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly
The dream didn't last a month. At the climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, it was China and the U.S. who haggled over a final deal, while Europe sat on the sidelines. Instead of a foreign policy triumph, 2010 began with an unseemly squabble over whether or not to bail out Greece, whose debt has dragged down Europe's currency. At the same time, U.S. President Barack Obama announced he would be skipping an E.U.-U.S. confab in Spain in May, frustrated, it appeared, with the endless summitry that goes with accommodating the E.U. Little wonder that Europe finds itself in one of its periodic bouts of angst-ridden self-doubt. And little wonder that the rest of the world is asking questions: What does Europe stand for? Where does it fit into a world that seems set to be dominated by China and the U.S.? Would anyone notice if it disappeared? (See pictures of immigration in Europe.)

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Europe won't disappear, and likely the EU won't either. Taking a longer view, it is only a bit more than half a century that Europe has not been dangerous to itself and the world.

They may be utilising the former PM Mackenzie King's strategy, not doing anything prevents something bad from happening. Action if necessary, but not necessarily action.

NOt going into Iraq was good, hesitating supporting Afghanistan also seems good too. The US has been extremely successful in bringing democracy to Asia.
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The EU is interesting in that almost everything that happens has to be approved by almost every member. It is democracy carried to a ridiculous extreme, however, I don't expect the EU to go away soon. For one thing too much of what the EU attempts to do actually works, which is the reason why the number of member countries has more than doubled since 1990.
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I agree partially with Bar Sinister here. Economically, its a viable entity: there's a large population/market that has been fiercely protectionist for the last couple decades, hence the (eastern european/western middle eastern) countries wanting in. Politically, well its had issues from the inception, with things like the Brits not wanting to relinquish control of their currency, etc. The need for unanimous concent on so many issues is a handicap, which tends to water down a lot of the aims and I do wonder about that being viable long-term.
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The EU will fail because so many of its members have a failed or have a failing economy. They cannot pay off everyone's debt. like they (France) did with Greece. The E.U. couldn't even take charge at the Copenhagen meeting where they should have.
If the whole world chipped in everything they had this dept could not be paid.

Debt - external:
$56.9 trillion (31 December 2009 est.)
$60.83 trillion (31 December 2008 est.)
note: this figure is the sum total of all countries' external debt, both public and private
Rebuild Greece.

Use what you learn through the prototype to rebuild as needed.

But for goodness sake tell the People wht you're up to.

Check out "A Winning Wales" for inspiration.

HRH did a nice job on this one.
The General Strike that occurred in Greece last week was but one of the many chinks of in the armour of the European Union.

Once it attempts to impose austerity on its members it will soon lose it reputation as vehicle of prosperity. Ireland once held as one the great examples the benefits of the Union is now in a prolonged and deep economic recession.

It finds as Greece has, that open markets, which allow currency and investments, and the jobs they represent, to flee countries, and that all social benefits and wages become servile to an international corporate profit agenda, to the enrichment of a few at the cost of the whole.. the whole charade of the EU, and Free Trade world wide will be seen for the sham it that is. The EU will, and in fact, IS failing.. but its not going to go without a fight.. and that is looming.

For the time being the fact it could not come to an agreement of the international hoax of Anthropcentric Global Warming, which is an appendage, in the 'cap and trade solution' to Global Investment organism.. just shows how muddled and deranged the EU leadership has become.

The economic agenda is to sabatoge ALL moral imperatives, which reside in the institutions of the nation state, to the sake of profit. It just got caught up with Climate Change, with the inertia that has now gripped the political structures of Europe, i'm sure to its chagrin.
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The EU seems like one of those gated communities we have around here. Family A can't paint their house light blue because everyone else's house is green and they won't give permission. Your mailslot has to be exactly 14.3" above the step or you are voted out of the neighborhood. lol
So who cares if the EU fails. Something else will crop up.
The eu is facing turbulent economic times with Greece's massive debt but as this article outlines this is just for openers, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain are also struggling with dire economic matters. ?The Euro will collapse either totally or in part? ? MEP - RT Top Stories
It looks as though the euro is in for a rough ride and it's not too difficult to sense the pressure on countries like germany or france risking their economic health to bail out what many view as irresponsible nations, worth watching to see how this pans out.
Europe, as a continent, won't disappear, but it's only a matter of time before the EU, and the Euro currency, disappear.

The people of Europe don't want an undemocratic European state.
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The EU is interesting in that almost everything that happens has to be approved by almost every member. It is democracy carried to a ridiculous extreme, however, I don't expect the EU to go away soon. For one thing too much of what the EU attempts to do actually works, which is the reason why the number of member countries has more than doubled since 1990.

The EU is not democratic.

It has a little known Belgian as its President, but I can't remember being given the opportunity to go to a polling station and vote for who I would like as EU President.

And the EU doesn't allow Member States to vote against certain treaties or documents, and makes a Member State vote again and again until it makes the "right" decision.

A good example was the Maastricht Treaty in the early Nineties. The Irish voted against it, but the EU made them vote again until the Irish said "Yes." The Irish also recently voted against the Lisbon Treaty - the EU Constitution - but the EU didn't accept their decision and made them vote again. On the second attempt, the Irish said "Yes."

The EU will soon fall, and it will so because its unelected, unnacountable leaders don't seem to accept that, at the start of the 21st Century, the people of Europe want democracy, not a new Nazi Germany or Soviet Union.
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Politically, well its had issues from the inception, with things like the Brits .

It's not only the British who have kept their own currencies in the EU. Several EU Member States have not adopted the currency.

Their are 27 EU states, and just 16 have adopted the Euro. They are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Those sensible nation who have kept their own currency are: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the UK.

And judging by the fact that many of those countries which have adopted the Euro, such as Greece and Ireland, are struggling heavily, whereas Britain is already back in its normal mode of having an economy that is outpacing France, Germany and Italy, I think it was wise to keep the Pound.
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The previous right wing Government of Greece sold the Greek people short to the stupid European Union.

Yes all signs show that having these many countries in the union suffering is a clear indication that the problem is to big to fix, to ask each individual country to fix their own problem is not a remedy, especially joining the European Union there comes financial restriction, these countries have no control of their financial system everything must be decided by some one else. Total garbage, yes the European Union will crash soon, and it will go down in history as a political blander, in the continent of Europe.

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