How many times have you moved and why?

To all those who would like to reply.

I had a thought this morning about how many times that I have moved within Canada . The number of times surprised me.
Let us all know about your experiences regarding this question.

My best regards to you,
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5 times, all for work.
always for work, either my parents' or my huband's, I have moved towns a total of....

1..2..3..4 times (living in a total of 5 towns/cities).

But, within my home town I moved once to get off the farm. Within the one city I lived first with my mom and dad, then moved in with my fiance at his apartment. Moved again when we bought a little house. Moved again when we got pregnant and realized the little house was unsuitable. 4 times there.

So, a grand total of 8 moves.
Scott Free
Growing up about 3 times a year for religious reasons. Since adulthood probably 20 or so times for work and a restless nature. I haven't moved in a long while though since having a child to raise.
I remember my first move, I was 3 years old, and it was the first time my mom and dad separated, so we moved in with my grampa and grandma. Back with my dad again for about 5 years, then final separation, we moved to upstairs suite, then to a basement suite, then to a more modern suite (I had quit school and was working), then to upstairs
suite in another house, then to a basement suite, then I got married, moved into a house,
8 yrs. later bought house, 12 years later moved to Parksville, another house, 3 years later
moved to Courtenay bought another house, 3 years later built new house, moved in, then
sold it, moved to another house, sold it, built another house, 5 yrs later sold it, moved to
town into another house and I'm still here. so, it has been 15 times, if I counted correctly.
We moved at least 8 times while I was growing up. I've moved 8 times since leaving home at 20 years old. I've actually moved more than that because I've changed apartments in the same city 3 times. I've moved for work, for personal reasons, to leave a boyfriend, to get a bigger apartment, for better quality of life, just for the adventure... When I was little it was because my dad was in the RCMP. I think that is what turned me into the gypsy that I am today.
I lived in one place for the first half of my life. I can't imagine having the life my kids have had, being uprooted from family and friends so constantly. My 8 moves have all been in the last half of my life, 8 moves in 14 years. I don't want to move again for a while.
Let's see: after University, I moved in with my girlfriend, and we then got married...we moved 40 km 'to town' before the kids started school, rented a duplex while we built a house...then the contractor went bankrupt, and we had to move into an apartment for a few weeks while we tried to settle the cluster**** of liens and lawsuits, then we moved in the space of 14 months, we moved 3 times.
My parents moved only once, when I was 5.

They didn't tell me where.

I'll be here all week. Try the veal........
5 times due to work, or the seeking thereof.

I calculated 15 times.

Reasons: transfers, new homes & head-hunting.

OK well I dont think i can beat 15 times but i have moved a lot too.

let's see...

1) moved from parents house to southampton for uni
2)failed uni and moved to another in sheffield
3)moved from sheffield to high wycombe for a placement year
4)moved back to sheffield for final year
5)moved to cranfield for pHd
6)moved to another part of cranfield
7)moved to canterbury for postdoc
moved to downtown canterbury to live in a small cupboard
9)moved to a town called chestfield
10)emigrated to canada, to a reserve in the far north of alberta
11)moved to edmonton
12)moved to another, scummier part of edmonton
13)moved, at 10 day's notice, with a 3-month-old baby from edmonton to newfoundland

that's it so far
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I calculated 15 times.

Reasons: transfers, new homes & head-hunting.


You win!

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