What would you download?

View Poll Results: Would you download movies, musics, softwares, or games?
Yes. 15 93.75%
No. 1 6.25%
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There are numerous things people do online everyday these days. From blogging to news reading or blogreading, shopping to selling things online... and of course, downloading stuffs.
I download (downloaded) all that's listed... both bought and for free.
I only download the freebies that I am interest in...some themes and avatars,updated drivers. Anything that is copywrited,I will buy if I want it.
Define Download. iTunes and Kazza are two downloads at either end of the stick.

I use iTunes a lot, I've downloaded lots of game demos via bittorrent, I even dowloaded openoffice.

I've bought games via Steam and it works well. With bandwidth being cheap, the physical medium is almost obsolete.
Im not really interested in games, but if I were Id buy only certain ones. A lot of the good online games are difficult to use when downloaded. Non online games are usually 1 player and only hold so much value/interest

Usually I only have a few songs from an artist, unless I like them and then Ill go out and buy their CD. Mainstream bands may suffer slightly (theyll have to buy a prosche instead of a ferrari, poor them) but its more the greedy record companies and the idiotic RIAA. Less popular bands definitly get the good end of the deal, because now they can spread their music without being carbon copies of the latest brittany spears/good charlotte/50 cent crap. Im so glad I'm not stuck listening to just the mainstream music.
Id also buy MORE music if prices wernt so damn rediculous! I dont care about extra features, I want a CD for 15 dollars or less.

Most of the software I need I can use in school. Most of those programs usually costs more than $100 and sometimes more than $1000. In other words, out of a students price range.

I do download a lot of TV shows, but no movies. IMO computer sucks for watching movies, because its more of an experience when youre in the theatre.

I guess my main point is the more interest something holds for me, the more money I am willing to pay for it. The only difference with file sharing is if something is only mildly interesting, I wont pay anything for it.
I am an avid gamer...to say the least. My girlfriend swears I have the largest collection of computer games in NATO. I'm inclined to agree with her. However a large chunk of my games are pirated, I won't lie, i'm a software pirate. However I have a rule. If I like the game, i'll buy it. Often, games come out that aren't worth the $60 or $70 stores charge for them. Why am I going to spend my hard earned cash on tripe that is good for only one play through? To be honest I own literally dozens of games, many of which i've bought after pirating. A great example is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I pirated a beta release of the game and fell in love with it. When it hit stores three weeks later I bought a copy and still play it today. Am I a criminal? That all depends if you find that sexy. If so, i'm evil baby.

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