Do you watch the CBC?

View Poll Results: Do you watch the CBC on a regular basis?
Yes 3 42.86%
No 4 57.14%
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Have you taken advantage of watching the CBC? Whether you have cable, satellite or bunny-ears, the CBC is Canada's own television station with a certain amount being Canadian Content for the large part.

So do you watch it regularly?

The be honest, I only watch it for the olympics and sometimes when they play good movies. The passionate eye is also something I catch sometimes, but by no means regulary.
Dexter Sinister
In general I don't watch much tv. There are a few specialty programs I like to tune in regularly on the History and Discovery channels, and we rent movies a lot here at Chateau Sinister, but for news and current events it's CBC exclusively. It's not without its biases, but it's far more balanced reportage than anything else I can get. I also listen to CBC radio all the time; I wake up with it on my bedside clock radio (okay, I confess, I like to wake up to the dulcet tones of the local station's morning host, Sheila Coles), it's on in the kitchen as I'm getting ready for the day, it's on in the car on the way to work and on the way home, and it's on almost constantly on weekends. Far as I'm concerned, there are no other radio stations I can tune in that are worth listening to.
I am with you dex. I have the cbc on all day at work...most of the time...except when I am dancing And it is the best. I loved Peter Gzowski, and there will never be another. And a, admen, lets put it this way...Mark kelly, and evan solomon can park their slippers under my bed anytime I never miss michaelle Jean, and I really like Ian hanmansing and allison smith. I like cbc newsworld.
I like and watch the CBC.
Reverend Blair

Mark kelly, and evan solomon can park their slippers under my bed anytime

Evan Soloman is interesting...when he first showed up I found him to be pretentious and inept...a spoiled brat basically. I've seen that change over the last couple of years. He's grown up and become an actual journalist, a good one, instead of just some slick huckster who waltzed into a job he didn't deserve.

The other CBC reprter to keep an eye on is Christina Lawand. I've seen her cover every political party now and wouldn't try to bet on who she votes for. With most you can tell (Rex Murphy=Conservative, Peter Mansbridge=Liberal, Evan Soloman=NDP) but not with Lawand. I also think she should marry a man named Order and hypehnate her name.

I'm a news junkie so I watch NewsWorld almost compulsively and the radio in my truck has not left 990 (the local CBC radio 1 frequency) since I got it. My last truck was tuned to that the entire time I had it.
Same with me rev, I try and listen to it when ever I can, if people only knew how good CBC radio was. I got my sisters to start listening to it..and they are now hooked a little story here Galaniomama and I listen to the cbc at work during the day... we are both smitten with Bernard St-Laurent, of c'est la vie. We love him and his voice. One day we are discussing him, all dreamy and day galaniomama send me a picture of was so funny because the voice did not go with the person, or the idea you have in your head. But we both miss peter very much
Diamond Sun
I listen to CBC radio too because I've had enough of the Britney spears of the world. And it's amazing, but I actually learn stuff too!

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