Latest 2016 presidential election polls

In case you didn't know the details of how this is going to go.

CNN poll, Dec. 18-21, 2014.

54% Hillary Clinton (D)
41% Jeb Bush (R)

56% Clinton
39% Chris Christie (R)

60% Clinton
35% Ted Cruz (R)

59% Clinton
38% Mike Huckabee (R)

58% Clinton
38% Rand Paul (R)

56% Clinton
35% Ben Carson (R)

56% Clinton
41% Paul Ryan (R)

Democrat Hillary Clinton wins significantly even among the Republican-friendly 2014 polling electorate.
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I'd like to see a Lady in there. Just for that reason alone. not a good reason I know but, I don't care. I'm not voting anymore anyhow but I would like to see a Lady as prez before I croak.
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It might be difficult to find a lady interested in American politics.

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