This is the house that Bush bombed

Not for the faint-of-heart
I am speechless. That is definitely not for the faint of heart, but unfortunatley needs to be seen........Bush is sure a bastard.
Are you speechless and angered by terrorists who kill women and children in a monastery or a mosque?

Are you speechless or angered by the ruthless who would never give up their own lives but who would manipulate a 20 year old to give up his with the impact of killing women and children or anyone?

I would say you are not angered, but probably speechless, probably not motivated to speak.
Reverend Blair
Ah yeah, yell terrorist and everything is justified. Those 100,000 or so that the US killed are justified because Saddam was going to kill them anyway. Bombing residential neighbourhoods is justified because there might (that's right, might) be a high ranking official in that neighbourhood. Using illegal weapons is justified because killing a couple guys with a rocket launcher require radioactive weapons that will poison the earth aand water.

No wait...none of that is justified. Neither are the lies and criminal behaviour of the world's most powerful people.
All true, Reverend Blair, but do not glibly ignore the evil of what you countenance.

It is a wonder as we get wrapped up in our selective passions over this war how we forgot simple primitive truths.

One day the smart little kid pushed the big dumb oaf one time too many. When the big dumb oaf rounded on the smart little one and fist slammed the smart kid, what did we see next?

The little kid crying foul. He hit me ! He hit me ! Did you see what that big dumb idiot did to me? He broke my nose! He didn't have to do that !! He could have just walked away or told me to stop and do it with firmness so I would know I can't tease him anymore.

Did you see what he did to me?

Just because I was wrong, it gave him no right to be wrong. He is to be held by a higher standard.

He hit me !!! Did you all see that ???

The big oaf walks away, verbally challenged, but knows that the universe just changed.

I'm amazed by intellectuals who forget these little lullabies of our inchoate youth.

It will just blow a cheap 10 amp fuse, preventing the amperage of fundamental truth leaping to the next synapse in the circuit of supposedly highly intelligent people.

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