Porn Sites vs. Religious Sites:

Which Are Riskier For Web Users?

The Internet, it seems, is always full of surprises.

According to a report released on April 30 by security software firm Symantec, religious and ideological websites are riskier to visit than adult and pornographic websites.

Symantec's annual "Internet Security Threat Report" analyzes massive amounts of data gathered through its products, services and intelligence network to outline trends in Internet security.

In this latest report, Symantec's analysis found that religious sites had more than triple the average number of threats per infected site than pornographic sites; an average of 115 threats had been found on religious sites while an average of 25 had been found on pornographic sites. According to the report, this may be the case because "pornographic website owners already make money from the Internet and, as a result, have a vested interest in keeping their sites malware-free - its not good for repeat business."



Porn Sites vs. Religious Sites: Which Are Riskier For Web Users?

As they say, could be more averaging (or ratings...religion is an easy and popular target) than anything else to be picking on so-called 'religious' sites because:

All of those threats have a higher percentage than I would have guessed.
It's only because people that visit religous sites feel that God is protecting them from computer problems where in the porn sites people are not thinking
I wonder how risky this website is?

Porn Addiction Recovery: Essential Tips for Awareness, Prevention and Recovery
So the real trick is to have a porn site where members pay a membership fee and then have a religious site where you cab 'purchase' forgiveness cards. Win-win
Who's first??
Why not have a soul repair kit, you can send your soul in for repair or you can
buy the do it yourself kit for 99.95 now wait if you call right now and you are
on of the next 200 callers to our soul repair hot line, you can get a soul repair
kit for 19.95 and get a set of prayer beads free, all you pay is shipping and
Wait we could throw in one of those forgiveness cards only we will take debit
as well as a credit card. You can perhaps get pilgrimage discounts as well.
How much to do the whole board?
Bar Sinister
Considering what else religions have promoted over the millennia, why would anyone be surprised?

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