High Def. TV.....what do you make of it eh?

Hi everyone,

I'm in england at the moment and never really got a chance to look at HDTV while overseas, and at the moment it hasnt really hit the UK market, while reading the post about ISP's (mine's BT Yahoo by the way, very nice, quite cheapo), I noticed HDTV being mentioned.

Now, you might have guessed this, but aside from being a grad student I also work part time in the UK's largest department store selling all kinds of TV's, PC's and stereo systems, now the speal I've been given to say is that it will "vastly improve ur picture and sound quality with minimal fuss..........provided you buy a new HD-ready TV"

now I think they handle dark colours much better than digital TV ever did, whats ur opinions on it ppl?...as it's all over north america I thought you might have some decent opinions and it would really help my sales technique cheers
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High Definition TV is not something to get really ecited about. Where I live, (on Vancouver Island)the cable company charges more to deliver HDTV programming. The TV that is HDTV ready, also costs more. We just bought a new TV with this feature and I would say "don't worry about it." The difference is not a big deal unless you have a giant screen. We have a 34 inch, flat screen TV and the picture is great but we don't pay extra for the HDTV from the cable company. We don't feel the difference is worth the money.
see I was thinking exactly that, cheers for that juan

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